Please Gearbox add a fasttravel station to the arena

If I had to guess at a reason, I wouldn’t say it’s because they want to make us play in the Subconscious. I reckon it’s because they don’t like the idea of a fast travel so close to a boss, and lootsplosions. Look at bl2, none of the raids had fast travels, you had to fight through some guys first. The warrior had a station, but it was one of those one-way types.

Only exception is Iwajira, those kraggons outside his cave can be ignored easily.

But even if they really think like this, the arena would still warrant its own fast-travel.

Does remind me of the knoxx dlc for BL1 and it’s lengthy runs to get to knoxx or cramerax. It would certainly have been convenient if they could have added fast travels to those. In the case of Knoxx, I would have wanted the fast travel to be right before the 100 guys in your way to Knoxx. Because fighting past those guys was fun and unexpected things happened. But driving up to them was annoying because it was usually very simple but lengthy and hardly anything unexpected happened.

The crawmerax run was even more pointless as a drive because it was just wasted time to get there. No guys to fight through really.

The subconcious run to the arena is… odd. Despite doing it multiple times I still get a little confused on where to go next sometimes. I’m not sure I really have to fight stuff on the way. I would definitely just prefer a way to warp to it.

Not enough fast travels in the game at all imnsho…

To many area that you have to run to. In bl2 there was a perfect amount… every new map (for the most part) why did this not happen in tps??

besides the Cortex, of course, there is another missing one that bugs me: Stantons Liver. :frowning:

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How about going through Southern Shelf?

That annoys me, having to go back there for Light The Match. It’s such a long walk.

Jesus, 8 months later…

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Also, wrong game, but that’s OK with me.

I think no one mentioned that there are already partial fast-travel points which would solve the issue if they went two-way. How hard would the transformation be? A bit of extra work adding them to the selection list. Changing the object from the one-way to the two-way. Er, what else?