Please Gearbox add more Gamepad Settings!

Hello Gearbox,

it would be great if you add some more gamepad settings.


This is the zone when the sticks starts to grab your inputs - It feels now set about 20% - 25% - This is too big I need more control-space. Games like Battlefield start at 15% - 18% this is a good practice. Please make it adjustable.


Please make it adjustable so I can decide how strong I need it, Maybe disable it complete. No one can be good with gamepad if you dont have a constant speed/acceleration. At the moment its like slower, slow, normal fast, faster. On PC no one plays with mouse acceleartion as well, we dont need this on the sticks. You cant twitch aim if the acceleration is not constant.


Please increase the maximum 15 is still a bit too low…

Auto aim

Is there any chance that auto aim is removed or at least reduced? At least for ranked matches if this mode will come.