Please gearbox, add the option to ignore side missions!

It is so aggravating that the mission for the slaughters and challenges make changing missions during gameplay totally unpractical, as you have to press the button 15 times until you get through them all. So please Gearbox, add the option to “ignore” missions like in BL2!!!

Just don’t take them until you’re ready to complete them.


it’s an optional quest u can do or not, it didn’t affect the game, even there was a side mission called Dynasty Dash: Devil’s Razor, there was others similar Dash( replayable, never ended).

so if u think the exclaimation mark is an eyesore things,sorry dude, u will see ignore side mission is not important, as there were always a side mission in the game, u will never see it to be done.

@stmac571, I think they want the option to hide accepted side missions so they don’t have to cycle through them when looking at their mission objectives.

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