Please Gearbox, BBI or anyone give us a word

We NEED a lobby and promptly. The issue with the region lock or whatever is causing the community to be scattered to the four corners needs to be addressed. MP is on its arse right now. Save it with a lobby. Unite the community ingame.

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They added a filter, the game is no longer region locked ‘or whatever’. Spreading misinformation is not the correct way to unite the community.

Yeah, the filter seems to be working

no lobby, no play… i would have never bought this game if i knew they would completely abandon what made this game fun. the community.

This may sound a bit sarcastic but you seem to have missed the big blinking neon Beta sign, twice, when going into the Multiplayer. Let’s not be unreasonable here.


Yeah. I mean those of us who’ve played Starcraft II remember how long it took them to get their facts straight with multiplayer. multiplayer that is. Give it time.

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What you fan boys seem to not understand is that BOTH the classic games had well established lobbies. Beta or not it was stated the lobbies would be combined, not ABSENT. Lobby = a place to sit and chat while waiting for a game to join, we have a game list, get that? A game LIST! Not a lobby. Perhaps you need to re-read the previous official release details about the lobby? I think the OP has a valid point.

I have seen the game LIST shrink day by day, and yes I have been in it EVERY DAY since release. We need a lobby ASAP, if for no other reason than to chat about where all the players are that aren’t in a game. The online community is suffering because we have a game LIST, it needs to be addressed.

After all, what good is a BETA if no one is in it testing it to its limits?


i’m not an unreasonable guy, and i know this is supposed to be a ‘beta’… but lets not forget, homeworld is a popular series that has been around for a long time, with a well established community and fanbase. not giving us a lobby is borderline suicide for this game.

taking a well established game, and remastering it with a big fat BETA stamp is not an excuse for not having a lobby, it is a cop out. what is the point of balancing a multiplayer version if there are no players to play it. as a game developer myself, i know exactly what shooting yourself in the foot feels like, and gearbox, imho is limping


I am not sure that this is entirely the case. Even with the ‘world filter’ enabled I have noticed different lists of games being displayed when running multiple instances of HW:RM. It also takes a while for the client to generate that list and it goes through a number of refreshes as it compiles it.

I tested it thoroughly with friends in the UK and Canada (I live in South Africa) The filter is working.

In fact, did you know that Calgary Canada is one of the cities the furthest away from where I live? Yup, Literally on the other side of the planet to me.


Also quite a but colder at this time of year…

+1 and Force he is not spreading anything false did you ever play on WON? If yes then you would know how dang full it was every night for years. Not to mention daytime but I work daytime so I can only speak to the late shift.

They should have already patched the game to make the lobby default to worldwide and for filter preferences to save.

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Actually, yes and no. MP is in a BETA state. No game that is/has been in a BETA state will have its multiplayer feature full. Region locking is a BETA feature and they already gave us the option to unlock it manually. Though tbh if you play with a player that has 300ms ping that hardly counts as a beta test. Give it time. After MP gets out of BETA and we still don’t have/won’t have a lobby then yes that would be an issue, especially for public mod tests.

The SP is quite beta, too…

The MP is more like alpha. I do hope people actually come back after "beta’ ends, and that “beta” ends when it’s worthy of ending. Most people judge a game on its release and it shouldn’t have been released like this.

I’ll forgive or whatever when it’s actually fixed, and be happy-ish. But most people aren’t like me. Most people won’t come back assuming they actually get word that it’s been fixed to the state it should have been released in.

I finished HW1 twice and HW2 once with a single bug and no crashes.

I’ve played fully released AAA games with years of patches less stable than that lol.

Now before someone jumps down my throat yes, some people are having plenty of issues, welcome to PC gaming. I’ve been doing IT tech related work since I could hold a screwdriver, I know how to keep my pc purring like a kitten. If it’s an issue, consoles will give you a different experience that might be more suited to your expectations. (Not a dig at consoles, they most certainly have their hard earned place in gaming.)

People are having flaws with actual gameplay issues, not things that happen to just work wrong on their PC.

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Design decisions that you disagree with does not equate to a game being beta, not on this planet or reality at least.

Users aren’t really forgiving whether it says beta or not if one just can’t enjoy it when they get their hands on it. I agree it’s at an alpha quality right now, beta is supposed to mean feature complete and some bugs could ramain. I just hope that didn’t make majority of the people run away who have already bought and tried it.

I for one dont really care about there being a lobby or not. We have a forum (which the majority of you seem to come to vent frustration or whatever) room chat and steam. Im pretty sure we could get an irc channel running as well.
Cant see the issue here.