Please Gearbox bring some iconic weapons form BL1

As title says in upcoming DLC bring some weapons from BL1 like Jacobs Bessie, Jakobs Skullmasher, S&S Orion (make it COV), Dhal Anaconda,
Maliwan Pestilent defiler (without charge time), Dahl Penetrator, Torgue Cobra, S&S Draco (make it COV), Maliwan Volcano, Double Anarchy (Dahl, Tediore, Torgue) you know guns that still today make me play BL1.

If they did bring them back you’d just be let down because they’d nerf them into the ground. Lilith with a Double Anarchy was like God mode. Things will never be like that again as they always try to equalize weapons. All companies do it. I just don’t understand why nerfing an item everybody wants is a good idea.

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Maybe they surprise us, If they bring any weapon from BL1 and make that weapon perform like BL1 I would be so happy.
Maybe even more happy then that day when Ajax drop me Ogre :slight_smile:

i’d love the bulldog in all its glory. i’d
take it over the conference call or butcher.

the problem is nobody cares. i don’t have faith
it will happen. it should have been in bl2.

it definitely should be in bl3. don’t tell me
our military doesn’t use shotguns.
the AA-12 could be a dahl legendary shotty.

i have no faith it’ll happen. iv’e lost faith
in gearbox, and today, people in general .

please forgive me. take it easy and may
god bless you always. :expressionless:

I don’t think we’ll ever have the Bulldog again, honestly. The issue is that it was just a stat upgrade. Bigger mag, better reload speed and better Fire Rate. After the first game, they moved away from Stat Upgrade Legendaries and moved to ones that did something special or unique. Given that the Bulldog was just “Better Stats”, I don’t think it fits in with the way they do weapons now.

Pestilient Defiler
Unforgiven Masher!!!