Please gearbox, make shadowtrap a permanent villain

Digistruct shadow trap and place in a dlc of borderlands 3. :heart_eyes:


How would that even work? It looked like ST sacrificed the last of his remaining VH.exe code to reboot CT.

This makes no sense, a system piece that restarts the system?

After athena plot hole, I do not care Shadow is alive.

I would like to see also a raid mode of the fall of New Haven. You can play with athena and claptrap, but they don’t appear in cutscenes.

Athena plot hole?

It makes perfect sense, how do you think systems that have self power-on features work?

Why Athena still works for Jack during Claptastic Voyage.

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Ah, i had not thought about that before!


Well, better to have one plothole than having a character restriction on the DLC.
Besides, BL2’s plotholes are bigger.

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Can’t argue with that!

One of her responses to one of the characters in the DLC is that she didn’t want to do it but needed the money for her and Janey.

She also states several times to Jack that she’s done with him after this and just wants the dosh once her mission is over.

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It still contradicts the ending from the maingame.
I would’ve atleast expect Jack being more of a jackass towards Athena for first leaving him, and then accepting another job from him.

That plus TftBL is why I don’t really like Athena anymore. :confused:

Personally, I’m not really bothered by this.
But I have done everything non raidboss on UVHM while being at cap so enough reasons for me to play other characters.

I can’t help but be deeply bothered. I won’t talk about it here, but yeah. I’ll still wear my Aspis shirt, though. Not going to trash $15

I haven’t played TFTBL yet since I can’t purchase the season pass for some reason. My view on her can still change.

Neither do I. However: YouTube if not scared of spoilers.

Yeah, I don’t like those.

I would go in the opposite direction and make shadow trap a vault hunter, maybe he could control his skill activation

It could work if they do the matrix story where Agent Smith found out a way to get out of the Matrix and fight Neo in real life.

Shadow trap can do the same and be a great side villain for BL3.

Weirder things have happened.
Hammerlock could build Shadowtrap, after retrieving part of his code.
Or Moxxi. Or Gaige.
It’s easy to fit him in the story physically. And it would be awesome.