Please Gearbox, please make a "gear upgrade machine"

I have over 600 pieces of gear hoarded for level 50. I’d love to be able to spend eridium at a machine on Sanctuary to level up an item.

The problem we currently have is that small level increases mean refarming everything or not at all. Some people will just wait until the final level cap increase and then revisit the game.

Give us a middle ground. Give us a way to level up gear we cherish. If it costs enough eridium then we’ll still be picky about what we upgrade. Or we’ll play a LOT and upgrade a lot of things.

Small level cap increases don’t work as well here as they do in Destiny. Primary reason? Destiny provides a means to level up your gear.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first guy to say that I prefer Borderlands series to Destiny or Diablo. But both Diablo 3 and Destiny have ways to upgrade your gear as you reach new level caps.

Another way to improve Borderlands 3 would be a “configuration 1,2,3” toggle. As in, equip all these things and save it as your favorite configuration and then let you toggle to your alternate configuration(s) with two clicks. This set of gear is what I use when I farm cash. This other set is what I use for mobbing and this is for boss hunting.

This also would encourage players to try new gear and setups.

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