Please Gearbox! Zane needs you

Hi I’m a Zane main and have some Problem with this Character and I hope you agree with me and Gearbox will read this.

  1. It would be cool if we get some Numbers. I mean “for a short time” how long is it if I swap the position with my Clone with the anointed Damage Swap effect. The Executor Classmod? How much Crit, Handling, Status effect etc I get after one kill? I hope you understand what I mean.

Oh and maybe can we see all active Skills instead of 8? I think there is enough space at the Bottom line.

  1. The Classmods … I mean there is so much Potential and we got something like 5% too reset the SNTL?

What’s about

You get a Stack every time ur Digi Clone got damaged (max X) for X seconds. Gain X% Damage and X% Crit Damage for each Stack.


X% Chance for each Actionskill too activate each Kill Skill if u hit an Enemy. Gain X% Damage for each active Kill Skill

There are way better option we have at the Moment.

  1. I could write a lot about Zanes useless Skills but I think there a lot Threads about it.

Sorry for my English I hope it’s not confused


The grenades the clone and drone uses do NOT come from your grenade reserves. Those are magically generated. :grin:

The one exception is Boom Enhance. But that’s not throwing grenades. What it is is that it’s the only thing that costs you grenades when use two action skills and spec into that skill.

And this:

Duct tape mod uses your grenades until you are out of grenades, then it will still proc, but will essentially be a free one.

Good too know thx I change the Point