Please give Flak a way to dismiss his pet

Currently the only way I know is to go to the machine and totally respec. Please add a way to either select no pet or put it on passive. There are many reasons for this but the first one that comes to mind are things like the mission where you can either let the robot doctor live or kill him the pet just automatically kills it not giving me the option to see the other outcome for the mission.


May I ask what system you’re playing on?

Because IF you’re on PC, there’s at least one game mod available that allows you to Kill the Pet (it sets them to really low health so that the next shot from an enemy downs them) and then Pause the Pet Respawn Timer. It’s perfect for situations like you described. :wink: :+1:

But I agree, this should be looked at as a permanent, official option within the game by default.

On ps 4 you can t unequip pets…

Just an option in the skill tree menu, to remove the pet, would solve the problem. And then let players re-summon it when they want it, by holding the action skill button to do an attack command, and it would reappear.

I am playing on PC. Yeah just being able to deselect pets and make the slot empty would be perfect. You can already switch pets whenever you feel like it.

Well, if you want more info about the mod that will make it possible, send me a Private Message. The Moderators tend to frown on discussion of PC mods in the open forums.