Please give me one good reason why should I spend money on BL3 and support you

epic store controvery
supmatto controversy
flak gender controversy

plus pearls like:

  • poor optimization
  • game crashing
  • fps drops
  • game progress not saving
  • etc. etc…

And the list goes on.
So my question is: why should I waste my money on unfinished BL3, which was released on the worst PC platform on the market and there is so much controversy around it?


Unfinished BL3. You’re funny. I have 30+ hours in the game so far and the worst things I’ve come across is a slight stutter on an enemy (he blipped into the sky). That’s it.

It sounds like you surround yourself with the negative feedback and don’t form your own opinion.


I understand that folks have strong opinions, and are quite free to disagree with what they likely consider a provocative post, but direct personal criticisms are not ok here at any time.

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I am sorry. This is just a whole ball of rant. It’s hard to not respond in the same fashion.



Counter-point to the original post:

  • There are many users on console and PC not experiencing problems. That’s not to down-play the issues others have experienced, but it’s not a universal issue with the game.
  • Surprisingly, some of the things you mention as issues are also not perceived that way universally, and if you really don’t want to use Epic there are alternatives (including waiting for Steam in ~ 5 months)
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If this stuff really bothers you than the online world in general probably isnt the place you want to be hanging around.

The other stuff I get. The game isnt as polished as I’d hope but its still very fun.

If you want to avoid spoilers - there’s your reason.
Did you enjoy Borderlands 2? There’s another.

Will it be buggy, of course. They’re using UE4 for the first big project. You don’t roll out of bed and immediately know how to use a new development engine, regardless of how much you used the earlier one. Even less so if the engine is homebrew on the original build.

Personally I got the SDE. I’ve got my issues. But we live in an age of patches being mandatory for games. And the issues I find with it are all teething problems with a new engine, so I’m not worried.


FL4K doesn’t have a controversy with their gender?

If you aren’t interested in a game enough to take a chance on it then it is not the communities’ job to convince you to play.

I have run into a few issues but I have been having a blast. First game in a long time I feel comfortable just jumping into my friends’ parties and join in because it is all just fun.

I play on Xbox and I will say split screen is hard to read and the text size doesn’t adjust for cutscenes

Some boss battles can’t handle me chucking all of my grenades, I felt like my game was going to crash last night but it never did

The text is a bit hard to read and the menus take a while to load but this is all stuff they can fix with time. If you like the base game these things aren’t that big of a deal or a dealbreaker.


technically it is unfinished, it still has add on DLC coming yet :+1:
I do get lag in menus solo and can’t play in coop yet more then 25 minutes before disconnect, but otherwise super game

agree , the issues I mention will hopefully be addressed in time, I almost think of it as an offshoot to the one in BL2 where peeps would connect then the very next time couldn’t

which is my problem, coop bogs down for me , so I end up playing solo

Don’t forget “Randy Pitchford and the mystery of the missing 12 million dollar employee bonuses”


i dont know why this was flagged he was speaking straight fax doe :grimacing:

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I’m sorry to hear that, hopefully they can address it in their first patch!

Both of those are 2K

how is this a controversy

Poor quality does not mean unfinished. and they are fixing it for free. this is not EA.


On the Plus side, it means that until its fixed, I can play totally my way.
“Explore Every Inch and Leave nothing Alive” :wink:

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ppl think they shouldnt be refered to as they and that theyre a boy

basically transphobia

I’ve play it short on my friend’s PS4 and the experience was awful. So this is my straight personal opinion.

@Tokesy97 Of course every game will have some kind of glitches, you can’t avoid it, but releasing game that have poor optimization its another different thing, thats why game is unfinished.

:D:D:D you just made my day with that.

All those things make game ufinished:

  • poor optimization
  • game crashing
  • fps drops
  • game progress not saving

Its like BL3 is still in early access. And you think its cool because they will fix those issues for free?
There shouldn’t be any of this in the first place. Its their responsibility to not allow any of this, because you are paying for it. Its triple A game and soon it will be year 2020 and we still need to suffer with things like that?

About flak controversy I meant that you can’t call him, him or her here on forums, because you will get banned. That’s another thing after epic exclusive when you deny some a choice.

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Have some threads to read to undo that misinformation…(canned response)

And the forum rules:

And then, please, just try and deal with the fact that non-binary folks exist, that Gearbox promote inclusiveness, and that on this forum, it’s considered polite to use they/them.

If that’s really too much to ask, I can only suggest that you go somewhere else. No-one here cares what you call them in-game or in the safety of another discussion platform.

I’ll take any questions in pm.

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Well, Fl4k is a They. it’s like calling a guy a girl, or a girl a guy. If you say it on accident, its okay, but if you insist, it becomes rude. if you are a guy, and you are called a girl, your manliness is being challenged.
Fl4k is non binary, so they don’t identify as a “he” or “she”. yeah, its kinda awkward, but people who are non-binary appreciate it.

you called fl4k a he on accident here. see, you’re not banned. as it was an accident.

this here does suck though. but, it was 2k’s decision to do that. and it also is only for 6 months, instead of forever.

Oh oh i know why! Because it’s better than that flawless game you made…oh wait

None of those matter if you were a real fan of the series… simple as that