Please give me one good reason why should I spend money on BL3 and support you

Hey I am one of those who is astounded by the amount of people who simply give every game company a pass for putting out a game so riddled with bugs. Yes some people aren’t having any issues, but some are. I am in no way saying we need to crucify Gearbox, but I do say they need SOME accountability. I have purchased a lot of games at launch with a fraction of the issues BL3 is having, yet people act like every game has tons of issues and that is absolutely false. All games have some type of issue but not usually this bad.

As far as the Fl4k gender issue, who really cares? OMG this reminds me of Odyssey when people were mad because they didn’t have enough choices to pick gay or straight romance options. Seriously? It’s a game, not real life. Enjoy it being a game and if it bothers you, make your own game and make it binary/straight/gay/bi or whatever, but have enough respect for the creators of this game that THEY designed how THEY wanted to design it. If you don’t like a book, read another. If you don’t like a game, play another. You didn’t make it so let the people who made the game put whatever ideas they want in the game, or play something else.

Now, having said all that, I would buy the game again at launch on Xbox even with the issues I personally have experienced and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the BL series, just remember it isn’t the same humor as the others so don’t play it expecting that. The game mechanics and combat are stellar once you get the controller dialed in though.

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Starcraft2 was built on a new engine. It was more polished than Starcraft 1 and a software engineering masterpiece.

Starcraft 1 was a bug filled mess. It was a very ambitious game. I am super happy Blizzard released the game to bring in some cash before it bankrupted them. Upper management were using credit card cash back features to pay their staff.

Eh. It’s not really a controversy. Without exclusives, Epic simply could not survive. I don’t like it - but I understand. I just wish they had the same features as Steam.

Yeah, this was weak. But if you are going to boycott any game made by a company who has done something shady…well, you aren’t going to be buying mainstream games.

Eh. Hardly a controversy. To me it felt like a joke that some moderator took seriously.

I’ve only seen one bug and a few minor FPS issues. By the standards of most modern releases…this isn’t bad. Even DOOM had issues on release (remember Snapmap?)

Again - feel free to not play any game you don’t want to.

Don’t. Nobody cares if you personally don’t buy the game. Despite its issues, the game is still really good. It seems that you care more about irrelevant, unrelated controversies over whether or not you want to have a good time with a game. And in that case, just don’t waste your or, more importantly, our time with this nonsense. If you really gave a ■■■■ about the game, you wouldn’t need other people to convince you of anything.

And if you’re really gonna be this anal about what you spend your money on, why not just drop gaming altogether? “What people think of the gender of a robot character in the game is affecting my desire to buy this game.” Like, what are you? Twelve? There’s more to the game than any of this bs. In fact, the only complaint that had anything to do with the game itself was the fact that saves are getting deleted, but that’s most likely just an issue with the Epic launcher rather than an issue with the game. But that’s besides the point. The point is that you’re letting a bunch of nothing affect your decision. If it was actual stuff wrong with the game other than “it’s a little buggy here and there”, then I’d get that. But as of right now, it’s obvious that you don’t even want to buy the game and that you’re just trying to stir up some drama.


no idea how any of these are a ‘controversy’. define your terms.

Well…the Supmatto thing was pretty heinous.

(Insert Simpsons ‘hired goons’ clip).

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I am the opposite actually… I am surprised by how much crap people are giving developers nowadays for not releasing a perfect product on launch. Because I remember back in the day people were more accepting of bugs and glitches, some of which were never fixed at all, and in the end became a meme because fans of the company loved their games so much. Feels like nowadays with social media and especially Youtubers, whose main objective is to attract viewers, are becoming a big influence on how people think and act towards game companies.


the term “goon” is a vague term intended to incite an emotional response. Define “goon” please.

It really depends on what you mean.

There was a period where a whole lot of games were released in a near-unplayable state (Sin, Blood 2, Mechwarrior 3) and you had to download a 20+ megabyte patch, which took hours on a crappy dial-up connection.

Far too many games these days are released in a similar state. It’s an unfortunate reality of the industry. I don’t like it…but there are very few games I buy immediately.

BL3 was one of these. And…it’s not a terrible release, compared to recent stinkers like No Man’s Sky and the last Fallout.

It was a joke :|.

I’m not sure if I can link clips here, but if you look up what actually happened to Supmatto, you will get the reference.

Ultimatum posts, the Fun of the on-line world since 1975.

If yah don’t want to buy it (for whatever reasons), well, don’t buy it. You’ll be happier, we’ll be happier, and GB will see one less unit sold and might think about that.

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@theonlytosser for you I would release even more buggy game and demand payment for every patch

@arc so if irl you would be a real fan of some car, then you will always buy new model, no matter of the mixed opinions? Engine is randomly turning off - BL3 is randomly crashing etc ect

@ShutDownHeart some people just doesn’t care, until this would be their issue. I’ve seen lots of threads on this forum about game issues and yet there is still no patch after release.

@Abomi of course nobody cares if I’ll buy it or not but you are not aware how many people are like me with this opinion. I really wanted this game to be good same like all those people.
But for you crashing game, fps drops etc is bunch of nothing? Or little buggy here and there when people can’t continue the quest. You better stop thinking with your anal and use your head.
Those are serious issues with this kind of game.

About flak - what are you? that’s the question, ten? That was about forum ban controversy with flak’s gender not directly about its gender. So next time read previous posts.

This is what is known as a strawman fallacy. Don’t do it.

Gearbox have already said that they are working on a patch.

I thought that was silly too. But I didn’t see anyone get banned for accidentally using the wrong pronouns. The only people I saw booted were crapping up the forums with endless spam threads on the topic.


i dont know why you got flagged on that

I personally have not had this issue, me and my friends usually have 5+ hour sessions without a single crash

because attacking people personally is uncalled for, Period.

Game releases Friday. It’s now Tuesday. Given the variety of issues and that these are not being experienced consistently by all users, when would you reasonably expect a patch? I certainly wasn’t expecting one on Monday. Maybe if it was an issue that could be quickly addressed with a hotfix (which changes data not code). But an actual, honest-to-goodness-tested-certified patch?


besides, I bought this game because I want to support the dev team who put their hearts and soul of 7 years of development, and they earned their check

Closing temporarily while people cool down.

Will re-open in 1 hour.

No. This comes from the Gearbox Community Manager, which you’d know if you read the threads I posted.