Please give us a (legit) way to farm the Bekah

With the coming level cap increase, please give us a way to farm once per character items like the Bekah. Bekah may be the only one that even resetting the playthough doesn’t help, and it is one of my all time favorite guns in the game. Even just adding it to the world drop loot pool would be great - a dedicated source would be even better. For those like myself that already have four characters at 50, it definitely makes it harder to acquire a new one. When it comes down to it, I already have other alts I’m leveling, but it would be really nice to make it a bit more acquirable.

The once per playthrough items could also do with another loot source. Anointed gear is such a big increase in power that getting non-anointed versions is… well, fairly disappointing. And there are a lot of possible anointments, so even if you are lucky enough to get one, it probably won’t be the right one. That is, unless you save scum or trade, and frankly, if you trade, you’re more than likely getting one from someone else who did. That’s not to speak ill of those who choose to mess with saves to farm a good anointment - otherwise it’s nearly impossible to get.

Its been very nice to see that our feedback is listened to on many issues. This may seem like a small issue, but my favorite builds are almost always based on Jakob’s weapons, and this one is one of the best. So, please consider adding it to the loot pool.

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Yes this. Or let us level up our gear. Or both.


quest reward only legendaries is a terrible concept


Imagine resetting a whole playthrough or starting a new character just to get one specific level 53 gun…

No way am I doing this!


Totally agree, all challenge reward legendaries need to be included in the loot pool and have dedicated loot sources. Sometimes I’m not even sure if GB understands their own game. Yes, quest and challenge reward titems are kind of a tradition in BL games but they just don’t work this time around because of the anointment system.

In past games it was fine to get a quest reward at max lvl because the gun was more or less the same everytime. There were different parts and to some players that was a huge deal but the dmg output was never so dramatically different as it is in this game when you get a vanilla gun vs one with a good anointment. I never was a big fan of anointments to begin with but that’s a whole different story.