PLEASE give us a way to use/exit iron bear without having to get in and out of him

Almost every end-game weapon build involves the anointment “After exiting iron bear” or “after action skill use” because the DOUBLE WEAPON damage increase or over that with splash damage.

Every VH but Moze doesn’t have to go through the horribly pain staking process of disabling themselves, for 3 seconds, again and again and again to get their damage bonus they farmed for likely hours to achieve via their action skill end procs.

The idea I had to remedy this problem was adding the option to hold the class action button, much like how Fl4k does to make his pets attack specific targets, until a vladof-mortar like 3d lit up circle target appears and iron bear will fly in and land on that circle, lasting the standard duration as if Moze were inside iron bear. This would count for the exiting iron bear anointment trigger. I guarantee you that it would make the class largely more appealing.

However this is changed, it would make the class a lot more playable as the power of Moze’ items outscales the damage that Iron bear can do as opposed to early game where she can rely on him to do damage and carry her through boss fights.

I strongly believe will never be a balanced scenario where Iron Bear can do enough damage to compensate for the character build theme that involves a consistent 160% damage increase from just using and dropping him. It’s a deep flaw that constitutes the biggest frustration I have seen from others and myself with our favorite gunner and what is the most fun class to me.


I feel you, entering iron bear is a choir sometimes. But if you enter mid-air the animation takes less time. Also activating it at the same time you are about enter ffyl saves you. It’s like a 3 second invulnerability to anything which is pretty OP. I think having a 50% faster animation would make it more bearable (pun intended)


Faster animation would remedy this situation quite nicely, honestly.


Yeh atm the anointment is so good that you have to use IB just to proc it and not for utility or survival reasons which makes it just a pain.

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Just gonna leave my upvote here :v


yeah i basically stopped playing because it feels like a chore and takes me out of the gameplay loop

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Just being able to tap b (xbox) rather than holding it to exit would also go a long way here

i think they did that so you dont accidentally leave IB and waste all the fuel and CD
there should really just be a button to summon imo.

  • Faster animation would be amazing. Or maybe different managment of the animation.

ok, so, currently when you get into iron bear, there is a couple of frames where the screen goes blank. That black screen is a big part of what makes getting into iron bear so annoying.

THis is likely to indicate that iron bear mechs have screens inside of them and you dont look straight out of a glass, but honestly I would much prefer that.

Because right now, entering a normal vehicle is more comfortable than entering iron bear.

  • Love the idea of being able to summon iron bear on a spot. Like have him drop in for his base 15 seconds of auto bear. Which would count to activate augments.

  • To get even more crazy, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to jump in and out of iron bear? Legit. I am asking.


I dont think I’d have it be a normal thing, aa that would be awkward on cooldowns, but the rocketeer mod chould probably do that since the full cooldown will go regardless.

Plus, it’d let rocketeer do something that’s actually neat rather than ib just getting left behind when done with a mob group. It’d still be bad, of course, but neat!

Otherwise, there’s always dakka bear?

well, the point is just that
for a lot of people, piloting the bear is not the gameplay
but its also not worth, wasting a class mod just to have an other experience
IB is too squishy and dies pretty fast sometimes
15 seconds like auto bear would be ok
having the effect of rocketeer as a standard behavior would be my wish

The rocketeer cooldown is way too long to have it be standard in a game where most anoints are based on action skill end and a character that has generally needed iron bear available as a “break glass to not immediately die” button.

Overall I like the hold action skill to pop iron bear out without getting in it plan as the fix unless they want to clear out some bad anointments on grenades and shields for non-ASE damage skills. I was mostly bringing up the rocketeer as a response to the previous post wanting iron bear to be treated like a vehicle

there is 1 single anoint for “while iron bear is active”
it was only made for the rocketeer mod since its buffing fire damage
there could be a lot more in this direction

I use that one without the rocketeer mod when im running some for the road; gives me something to shoot while im waiting for my cooldown to come back up after I’m out of free rockets.

I assume nothing in the game is meant to work with rocketeer as it currently exists tbh; it’s easily the worst class mod in the game imo, as the only one that has a negative effect with no real upside

well, the upside would be the co-op play that people like me would like to have with IB
but its not worth it because he is too squishy

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He’s only squishy if you use turtle rolls on your shield. Remember IB armour is tied to HP.

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i didnt use turtle a lot of times
he just cant dodge xD
if he stands in a badass psycho with a vladof launcher…he will stand in it xD
problem is probably not that he is too weak but that the damage in this game is too insane and he is slow and not the smartest AI

Double tap spacebar - theres your Iron Bear dodge, it’s actually extremely effective. You can do it front/back and side-to-side. Also using Exploding Bulltes, Vanquisher pods or Sabot rounds Vampyr is extremely effective. And with just a bit of a health boost it’s not too hard to get his hp near 200kish. Definitely not squishy.

Unless you are talking about Auto Bear not dodging, in that case - well I don’t see them making it move on its own so deal with it I guess. But you can make it super tanky anyways. I’ve done plenty of MH4 Slaughter Shafts using Rocketeer and had it never die. I actually did a Takedown using only autobear/dakka bear and easily made it to Wotan but the double shield phase mortars did prove to be hard to deal with but it should be it’s not meant to carry me completely.

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we are talking about auto bear

Yeah I did an edit as you were responding.