Please give us more Vault Hunters

I understand the current policy of just updating the existing Vault Hunters, but my problem with them is that their personalities are a bit lacking compared to the other games and that i just dont enjoy their general play styles.

Please give us a couple more options in the future (maybe with better writing).


Let GB fix first the bugs in the existing VHs and worked on the requested skill improvements as well.

Of course they should fix things. Game just came out, give them a few months. However, i cant get into the game at all with the current hunters, so I’d like some movement on that front as well.

There has been some hopeful speculation that instead they’ll add a new skill tree, maybe that could provide a new playstyle. I know that doesn’t fix the personality issue for you (I personally find them just fine, except for their constant heavy breathing every time I seem to move), but personality could be better done with more dialogue I guess.


Sorry Moze that’s at you.

Personally I don’t see this as healthy environment for a new character to enter into. If they come out equal to or stronger than Zane with a seein’dead then it will be a drastic shift to the games meta, if they’re balanced then very few people will continue to play with them after they max them out.

They did say that they will be releasing a new skill tree. idk if that will be individual or if they will have a totally new skill instead of the faux separate skills they offer.

I don’t see how adding balanced characters would effect the game adversely at all.

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I’d be fine with a new Skill Tree or 3 that drastically changes the gameplay of each character while keeping them unique.

Things like new Skins/heads that change the character models as opposed to being reskins would also go a long way to at least make me feel like I’m playing someone new.

Lastly new voicelines/callouts would be infinitely appreciated. I’m tired of hearing “To the Blood letting!” etc. New character voicelines that gives them personality would go a very long way for me. Atm Zane’s lines are my favorite, and I’ve never played Zane.

I’d say Fl4k is balanced still I hear they ain’t that great all the time lulz, but when compared to characters who have the one size fits all solution they can seem lackluster at times.
If the knew character wasn’t soloing the takedown in ten minutes within the first week they would end up getting ignored by most. I’m not saying it doesn’t suck because I would like to see another VH but that’s most likely how it would go.

I’d take new voicelines/callouts. That would go a long way to add a little personality to characters.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if it’s some sort of separate skill tree like the guardian ranks. I really hope not, I hope it’s a completely new tree for each character.

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