Please help a friend of mine

Hello everyone, my friend plays borderlands 3 on PC and hasn’t had any luck with loot. So I’m asking very nicely if someone can help him with a few things, any would be appreciated. He is looking for the following for his Moze build:

Laser-Sploder (any element prefers fire)
Any Recurring Hex grenades
Elemental Deathless
Bloodletter class mod

If anyone could please help him it would be appreciated his Epic GT: neal485aew and steam name is: ANEAL47

And if any of you are ever wanting to play on Xbox message me same GT as username and I’ll hook you up. Thank you so much for your time.


Hey, are you and your friend online now?

Hey, I play on Xbox and I’m at work but I just texted my friend and he says he is online right now

I’ve sent a friend request, my ingame is nVission

He added you as well I told him to message you or invite you

Already did, sent his items through mail system.

Fire sploder with anointment 100% dmg after skill use
Bloodletter with nade dmg
Elementless deathless with nade dmg
Recurring rad hex

Hope he has fun

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I appreciate that man. If you ever make an Xbox account or have a friend send them my way :grin:

No worries at all.