Please help an over leveled newbie

Ok so I need some help here.

I just started playing BL2 after getting the HJ collection and I WAS having a blast as a lvl 16 Gunzerker.

A friend who I play Destiny and Warframe with has played a ■■■■ ton of this game and he saw me playing it, inv me to chat and asked if I wanted help boosting my character.

I thought he meant did I want him to join me and play some and lvl up A BIT QUICKER, he sent me an inv and I thought ok whatevs more xp in his world probably.

I joined and said k so what are we doing and he said “im just gonna go kill this ahole” and literally 10 seconds later BOOM apparently Handsome Jack is dead, im levelled up to 72 and im like ok there goes my play through.

MY Question is

If I delete my character or start another can I take those new characters into the same point in the story somehow??

I was having soo much fun but one shotting everything is meh and I don’t really want to start again either.

Or should I just mow through norm and then go do harder modes??

There’s no way to resume one character’s playthrough as a different character, if that’s what you were asking. You’d just have to slog back through it as a new character.

If you’re level 72, you’ll still just breeze through TVHM (second playthrough). Once you hit UVHM, (third playthrough), the enemies will scale to your level, and will be quite challenging if you’re not prepared for it, especially if you’re not used to using slag.

Honestly, if it were me, I’d keep the 72 for farming purposes and whatnot, and start another character from scratch. Level 16 isn’t too far into the game, and since you’re kinda new, that would help you learn your character better. You can change your character builds at any time if you have issues with it.

Cheers m8

That is what I was asking and that settles it, starting over lol

I’d agree with @UntilValhalla to keep the level 72 one, though. Maybe even kill the final boss repeatedly to get enough eridium to max your bank/backpack storage on that character. It’s incredibly useful having somewhere to transfer stuff through the stash to keep for later, especially if you end up trying the other characters as well.

this, using the level 72 to farm for gear you might want for your normal toon in NVHM, as well as TVHM, will keep the toon you are playing with from becoming over leveled due to farming items. If you have level 72 Guns/Gear I would advise using that one to play/run through Tiny Tinas to get to the ancient dragon’s to farm them for eridium/money.

I wouldn’t kill the end boss on the main story, till your main toon is almost there as killing as this boss finishes NVHM and bumps most levels of the mobs to their max level for that playthrough, also the main story end boss does not drop that much eridium, the Ancient Dragon’s in tiny tinas drop way more and at 72 in NVHM, your only worry with them is going to be getting knocked off the platform