Please Help - Homeworld Remastered v1.3 Beta - Key Bindings

(meantek95) #1


I am running Homeworld Remastered v1.3 Beta and I am having trouble mapping the shift key to a key already assigned to another function.

I use the W,A,S,D keys for panning the camera and I want to include the shift key and W and S for panning up and down, The problem is when I assign Shift+W to pan the camera up the game does not register when the key is inactive and keeps panning in a upward direction, When I use the second shift modifier (Shift+S) the camera stops panning and the game stops registering key press for the W and S keys.

This configuration works fine in HW-RM v2.1 but does not work at all in v1.3. Changes to the key mapping in the latest version are not apparent, I have searched through all the LUA files corresponding to key bindings but I have not had any luck.

Dose anyone know how to make this work in version 1.3?