Please help i can't play (or see) the dlc it doesnt come up in the fast travel station?

i can’t play (or see at the fast-travel station) any of the new dlc after i downloaded the game from the psn store??? please, does anybody know the fix for this because borderlands is my favourite game and i spent so many hours getting good weapons and stuff, also i have the grog nozzle eqquiped but i cant travel to tiny tina’s dlc because its not at the station

Did you get the game update? There were issues yesterday with updates not being provided by PSN store, which might be why your’re not seeing DLC starting locations in the FT.

i’ll try updating it when I get home im in an i.t lesson at school right now XD thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

The teacher in me says, “Get back to your studies!”

The teacher in me also says, “I really hope they don’t see this until after class is over…” :stuck_out_tongue:

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