Please help I'm stuck

I’m a level 51 claptrap on ultimate vault hunter mode reply if you can play and help

How are you stuck?

Taking forever to progress need additional player

Can you help?

What console are you on?

Xbox one

Sorry I’m on the 360. Hope you find some help.

Yeah all my friends are on 360

Is it the Handsome collection?

Yes it is

You might have more luck finding help here.

Ty send me a friend request

I don’t have an Xbone but if you ever play TPS on the 360 my GT is BTK420247

Some mod needs to move this thread to the Xbox One sub-forum.

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Done. Flagging will get it moved more quickly next time. :smile_cat:

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What part are you stuck on.

My fault sorry about posting in the wrong spot

what part are you stuck on.

I can help. I have a level 52 claptrap so we could play through together. GT: jon553