Please help, lost all of my golden keys!

I registered this game on my steam today, got my Wil to roughly level 11 then found the golden loot box. Googled it and found that the key code redemption machine was right near the box. Did a little more surfing and found the orcz website with all the working codes. Redeemed all the working ones and ended up with like 177 or so keys, used a few and logged out. When I logged on again all of my keys were gone. Somebody please help me with this I enjoy TPS and that golden chest a lot. I’m running on windows 8.1 if that helps at all. Somebody from gearbox please help me fix this!!!

I lost the exact same amount of keys last night too. Did you lose anything else i lost my entire inventory of my backpack and some BAR points.

Do you have a link to that website with all the key codes?

This is the website I used to redeem all of the keys. I didn’t check my BA points yet, I will when I get home. But my inventory wasn’t effected. I still have the purple items I got from opening the chest a couple times after redeeming all the working codes. I’m really upset by this and hope someone from gearbox can remedy this issue.

to my knowledge, there’s nothing they can do for us losing anything like that. They’ll probably give you more shift codes for keys.

look at my post I made yesterday in this same Tech Support forum. I lost my entire backpack inventory, all my golden keys(I had 176) and at least 50% of my skins and heads are gone. I almost lost my BAR points as well.

I put in a ticket I’m hoping they’ll fix it. I just installed the game yesterday and haven’t played that long.

I got info in my post that they might be able to help restore the keys. Not sure how, they may just give us a few codes to use to get some. My request was to have 2-3 codes to get 100 or so keys I don’t want to have to enter 30 codes or more to do so.

I wouldn’t mind if they reset all my shift code redemptions and I had to put them in again so long as I can have my keys back.

I bet they can just give you 1 code for a specific # of keys like 1 code for 100 keys.

Your redemptions may have been reset already in this occurrence. Try a shift code from before and see if you can redeem it still. I’m going to try later this evening.

Someone from 2K support got in touch with me via EMail about my ticket submission to gearbox about this. They asked for my email and SHiFT Support ID. I hope they can resolve it for me. =( We’ll see.

Gearbox refunded me my 178 keys! Thanks guys!

nice!!! I will get my info to them as well. They asked for the same about my 176 keys

I got my lost BAR and keys back yesteday.

I lost more than 255 keys but I still got all of my levels
Can I get recompensated for the keys

I lost 150+ keys, 7000 BAR, all my heads and skins including the telltale loyalty ones and have yet to hear back from support.

Please don’t revive ancient threads from the dead. Thank you.