Please Help Me Find The Song

Please can anyone find the song they used when Rhys plays music for you before a boss fight? He exclaims OH! Digby Vermouth! Classic… and i thought it was extremely catchy and i wanted to listen to it without all the fighting, gunshots and possibility of death

Unfortunately 2K hasn’t released the official soundtrack yet as far as I know, and I don’t think any dataminers have ripped the soundtrack from the files yet either, because I’m not finding anything on YouTube. I think you’ll have to play the waiting game unfortunately.

There’s some great music in Borderlands 3, even just some of the stuff on Crimson Radio.


They knocked it out of the park with the music. During the level where you are driving around with Ellie’s “playlist”, all those songs are fantastic. I hope they put out either a soundtrack or a playlist.


I didn’t like the one during that boss fight. The vibe for the song was too chill for me. I laughed though because Rhys was so excited about it.

But mouthpiece’s fight was amazing. That song and it’s changes.

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I’m also looking for one of the songs, that track during killavolt’s boss fight! I think it’s by finishing move, but does anyone have a track name and correct artist?

I love Ellie. I wish she was a playable character :smiley:

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someone posted it to youtube!


welp, Shazam is completely useless on this one. it came up with 5 different songs and not one of them was this. guess we’ll have to wait it out.

I found the very first song that plays, but now I’m on the hunt for the second one. do they usually do soundtracks that include the music performed by bands and stuff? I don’t remember seeing one for Borderlands that included “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked”.

To me, so far, this is the best boss track in the game:

ok. it’s a playlist of only four songs, but I can only find three:

  1. Animal Fiction - Hold On
  2. (it is my opinion that this song is currently unreleased. a Google search of the lyrics didn’t turn up anything. if you’re interested, what I got was “big city, these streets ain’t so pretty, shout out if you’re with me” and the chorus says “I’m an animal, can’t be tamed”. )
  3. Parry Music - Push It Home
  4. Animal Fiction - Explosions

personally not a fan of the third one, but the other three are AMAZING.

I really hope they release the soundtrack soon.

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it is Supernova Dreamsicle by Raison Varner


There you go

Are you using Internet Explorer? ^^

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I did manage to track down that missing Track 2, btw, thanks to Identify Songs Online - Music Recognition Online

Seems it’s by a band named “Sazz”, track name of Animal: DEN 036 Sazz - Animal | Upright Music Search

I can’t find anything about those folks other than that one link at that music-licensing site, but you can stream the track from there, including other mixes and stems. Cheers!

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