Please help me narrow down my main character choices

This time around I have beat PT1 of the three games with Lilith, Wilhelm, and Gaige. But before I put too much time in I want to narrow down before starting TVHM and UVHM both of which I have not yet played for either game.

I am very indecisive and dont know which 1 or two to use. In BL1 I cant decide cause all are equally balanced plus proficiencies evens them out even more so I just use all

In BL2 I narrowed down basically to Axton mainly, with backup (for co-op variety) of Salvador and Still undecided on secondary backup between Gaige and Krieg.

So for the Pre-sequel, I find it more difficult to decide between the 6 characters. Basically I have only eliminated claptrap due to his annoyances, self destruction, and random routines. I am kind of leaning towards Aurelia due to heavy Ice elemental bias, but she has a slow melee and I melee alot. Wilhelm has some good perks maybe another one I lean towards, but then Nisha has an extended reach for melee and showdown is nice. Jacks double is well rounded though, and so is Athena who I feel indifferent about.

This isn’t an appropriate place to discuss your use of third party software.

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