Please help me out with this gear

Looking for:
-Contraband Messy Breakup with shock resist and SNTL movement speed anointment
-any, and all, element Ten Gallon with SNTL cryo Anointment
-any, and all, element mitosis/Cloning Hunter-Seeker with on grenade thrown anointment

Please let me know if you have these items. I may have something you need.

I am not in front of my ps4 right now but pretty sure I have a fire ten gallon for sntnl. Do you have a scourge w digi clone swap?

I have the cloning hunter seeker with on grenade thrown anointment.
Only looking for specific rolled items;
Last stand Otto idol with mag size increase and smg damage
Blast master with 1 point in redistribution, and weapon damage, smg damage and either splash damage or mag size increase
Quickie anointed with do not consume ammo after exiting iron bear
Ogre with added accuracy and consumes 2 ammo anointed with 100% damage on ase or 125% splash damage on ase

I have a scourge with Barrier anoint? But I do have a few variant ion cannons with SNTL anoint. Unfortunately that’s all I have man sorry.

Took a look and I only have a Last Stand Otto Idol with mag size, aoe damage and action skill cooldown rate.
I have a creamer with Splash damage anoint?

send me a fr and you can have the ten gallon