Please Help Me Understand PVP Benedict

Ok I currently do not know what to make of Benedict, and this is mostly because I need more time to get to know him, but I need some tips and advice please.

First of all, I am not sure if I am doing his DPS / firing speed boosting fire / reload animation glitch exploit correctly.

Do I need to press Fire + Reload at the exact same time every single time?

Or just within a very short time of each other?

How will I know if its working?

It feels the same roughly as when I took him up to level 5 almost a month and a half ago.

Second - ummmm am I missing something incredibly obvious or does his L2 do nothing?

Shouldn’t it zoom or do a second Attack type?

Third - is his flying really enough of an ability to completely replace any sort of damage dealing / supporting ability?

Fourth - general tips to PVP effectively with him, please and thank you?

I really like Benedict so thanks in advance.

Just reload right after each shot. Not really much of a “trick”, despite what people say. You can’t fire again anyway, so you reload while waiting to be able to fire. Simple.

His alt-fire button glides when in the air.

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Do you build reload speed when you do this or does the exploit completely render getting reload speed null?


Wow, that’s…embarassing.



It isn’t an exploit until the devs say it is, IMO.

It doesn’t actually affect the rate of fire. If you want to fire faster, you will need attack speed.

I honestly see nothing wrong with it. The only time it gets really noticeable is when he gets his reload speed Helix and gear online. Otherwise IDK why people are calling it a glitch or broken

Kind of, but not really. There’s a youtube video where someone timed firing 10 shots the way you normally would and doing 10 shots from an empty clip using the reload cancel and it’s about 10% faster because you’re cancelling the animation. 10.1 vs 9.1 seconds or something to that extent.
Increased attack speed is an increase in dps.

If they flat out said they intended him to get that dps boost because of it, I’d agree. It’s definitely borderline cheese at the very least.

Hell yes! He can get places others can’t putting you in position to deal damage where others just won’t be able to.
He can escape over terrain (in most cases) increasing your survival chance. Being alive is an indirect boost to your overall dps!
Do you have any idea how much fun it is to get ganked by a melee (such as Rath with his ult) and just fly up and fire rockets while you’re up in the air avoiding all melee damage?
And lastly, it’s human nature. Players rarely look directly up. If someone is getting damaged they’re usually looking around for it. Gliding around and attacking from the sky is a great way to not get hit.

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There is a post on reddit where a dev said it’s intentional. He worded it weird, but the title of the thread was something like 1 rocket per second bug intended? And the dev responded yes basically.

“Currently, the benefit from reloading one and clipping the animation by firing is intended by design.” by gkRants.

If that’s the one you’re referring to that is most certainly “worded weird”! I’d still be willing to bet they address it at some point when they figure out how to not clip the animation.

Yeah I don’t get it. He worded it like you are clipping the reload animation, when your clipping the firing animation…and if they know this doubles his DPS and allows for 1 rocket per second then why buff him? It doesn’t add up.

The thing is, his DPS over time is crazy low without it. But if it IS intended, why the buff? I haven’t even been playing him, but to me it’s wrong to refer to this as an exploit (and therefore the people using it as cheating) until we know for certain.

Because they balance heroes based on the numbers they get. Unfortunately there’s a lot of crappy Benedicts so I’m sure his average dps looked bad on paper. The buff helped the majority of players, but made the good/great ones stupidly strong. But that’s the problem with balancing, it usually helps the best players out the most.

I was so excited to unlock Benedict because he looks cool and I love flying in games. Then, I ran him and was so disappointed because his kit didn’t have the variety of the other Battleborn. So, I left him for a while, but I recently came back and now I love him.

I have a loadout on him that I like a bunch, getting serious height on his jumps and then gliding forever is tons of fun, guiding Boomsday into things is tons of fun, etc.

I digress, yes, Liftoff is totally worth it. Knocking people back, slowing or damaging them when you do it is a fun bonus. It’s great for escaping death, you can reach places others can’t and if you get enough height, you can glide for days. It’s a must.

Regarding strategy for the OP, I have some opinions on PvP setup. Again. opinions. Going down the helix:

  1. Persistent Projectiles. Lets you crank out one additional homing rocket, or set up a better angle for a curved shot, both of which usually land you more homing chase kills.

  2. Wind Chill, to discourage melee rush, slow targets in close combat, and slow major minions to control space.

  3. Use Ready Rockets if you aren’t using reload speed gear, and Speedy Delivery if you are. The main reason to take Ready Rockets, in my opinion, is that sometimes Speedy Delivery can make homing rockets move too fast, and they’ll hit objects before the homing effect arms.

  4. Rapid Reload. You don’t really need Rapid Reload with the cancel, but Murder of Rockets locks you into a predictable three-rocket firing animation. You want to be able to quickly fire Hawkeye with a regular rocket chasing it for burst damage kills.

  5. Player preference. Both Glide-iator and Tailwind help you stay unpredictable in the air, but most of the good Benedicts I’ve played only go airborne when they need the high angle shot, because it can leave you exposed to projectiles. Divebomb can be useful for both chase and escape, but poor aim can easily get one killed. I like Glide-iator, to open up additional trick jumps, and to get as high as possible over the heads of melee.

  6. Heavy Bombardment, for Hawkeye bursts.

  7. I get more mileage out of Danger Zone, aiming at the ground near enemies for guaranteed DPS. If you’re confident in your aim, Surgical Strike can lead to more kills, but can hurt minion management. Multiloader trades off a lot of your fire rate consistency for a potential burst, and is hard to recommend.

  8. First Class. Helps make Liftoff escapes from melee more successful.

  9. Party Starter, for Hawkeye bursts.

  10. Phoenix Protocol, when you get it. Use it like OMs napalm, force enemies to retreat into the AoE, or just slam it into a team position to open combat. Until the unlock, Rockets Launchin’ Rockets isn’t terrible, but you can’t fire the smaller rockets right after Boomsday activation, and you need some distance from your target to get all the small rockets to fire. I typically fire Boomsday in the opposite direction of my target, into an open area, then do a midair 180 into the final approach.

Regarding general combat tips, I like to adapt strategies from TF2 Soldier play. Treat Liftoff like a rocket jump, get in close, fire at feet or heads. When you drop an enemy’s shields and poke their health a little, chase Hawkeye with a regular rocket at their feet, point towards the sky, and start arcing the shots down onto heads for potential crits.

Benedict clears minions fast, even faster with Danger Zone, and it’s easy for him to shift focus. It’s typically worth burning Hawkeye or Boomsday to quickly wipe a minion wave.

Boomsday is good for minion clear and softening targets, but chasing weakened opponents can often be a waste of time, especially if they find a healer. Beware of enemy Pendles–a good snek will be waiting for your Boomsday activation for a free kill. If you know the ambush is coming, you can 180 the rocket back at your feet with Phoenix Protocol, and usually out-DPS him.

For Gear, a bit of Reload speed to set up smooth reload cancelling is desirable. UPR Nimble Turtlegard Armor (DR, Reload) or Nimble Breach Kit (Shield Pen, Reload) combined with the AGM Loader (Lore Legendary) is common, plus a 0-cost shard extractor to get things up fast. If you don’t have the Lore item yet, or if you’re playing in a tournament and legendaries are banned, Rifleman’s Hailfire Mags (Double Reload) is a solid substitute. Regarding other legendaries, I’ve seen Alamo-7, Bunker Buster, and Vyn’s Quiver used a lot. Combined with DR gear, the health regen of Vyn’s can make Benedict pretty tanky.

Some character-specific stuff: When you get around level 8 or so, a good Hawkeye burst does enough damage to put a Galilea player at risk of shield break. At level 10, you can even try breaking a Boldur shield, but there’s still a ton of HP to go through after that.

Enemy paper tiger Battleborn are your friends–Orendi, El Dragón, and Rath especially. Don’t be afraid to engage them close at the start of the round, especially once you’ve hit level 2 and gotten the slow on Liftoff. Phoebe also has a hard time with Benedict, and it’s important to keep her under pressure and under-leveled, even if she just keeps retreating into Phasegate.