Please Help Me Understand Something About Modes & Matchmakin

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about this ever since Chaos Rumble but I can’t wrap my mind around it.

I realize that Incursion has become far and away the most popular mode (which I still don’t fully understand the reason for, although I must admit that it definitely, even during the worst stompages, seems a bit less intense & intimidating than Meltdown, and more complex & multifaceted than CaptureTheDeathMatch), but, here’s my question:

During Chaos Rumble, at least two thirds, if not more, of the matches I got into were Meltdown or Capture. A lot more Meltdown than Capture.

So…if there is that much interest in those modes, why don’t people select them from the queues on the main PVP screen?

Does anyone know how exactly Incursion became the most popular?

Thanks in advance.

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Why? Because people would rather get into a match quickly regardless of the mode rather than wait to play the mode that they want.


Simply because everyone is in the incursion queue, and everyone knows it.

I have occasionally tried to get a meltdown match, but I give up and switch to incursion after about 10 minutes of waiting for a match. I assume that there is no one else in there. Perhaps it would be helpful if the queues displayed how many people were currently in the queue or playing that mode. Then we could at least have some idea about if we should wait a little longer or go to incursion.


For reference, all groups of three numbers are in relations to a percentage of the player base, being Incursion,Meltdown,Capture
The problem actually goes back to beta IMO. Overgrowth and Paradise were the only options. Incursion won there by a small amount. Due to being familiar, they flocked back. So let’s say it was at roughly 40,35,25. People noticed they could get faster matches in Incursion, so more people flocked there. 50,30,20. It became even faster as others became noticeably worse. 60,25,15. Then it just got worse, leading to about a 70,20,10, where we are now are. In reality as you may have noticed, it’s secretly still at a 40,35,25. But the cyclical rise of Incursion ruined that. So when Rumble happened, and these modes were actually an option, both of the undermanned modes got increased to about a 30,40,40, which you and many others took note of. If this game was wiped clean of queue memory, as if it was day 1, it’d be more balanced. Does that help?

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Ok I know capture is the least complicated but cmon I like it for it’s team fights, assasin fun, and being a tank and holding an area

Thanks, all, very informative!

P.s. - @cadecampbell I LOVE Capture!


Incursion is most popular because it is the easier mode to cooperate on without talking. Everyone is in the same basic place all the time. Meltdown is more complicated to switch lanes



I like both Incursion and Meltdown (I’m not a fan of Capture). I’d like to play more Meltdown than I do but unfortunately the queue times are far too slow for that mode (and at times there barely seems to be anyone in the queue). Due to this I tend to pick Incursion as the queue for this is better and I’m guaranteed to get a game. However, even the queue times for this are now getting longer. At the start matchmaking would only take a minute or two. These days it’s taking 5 minutes or longer on the most part. I’ve also noticed that over the course of a few games I’m seeing some players that I’ve played with/against multiple times. This suggests to me that the player base even on the PS4 is shrinking.

I liked the idea of game being more then a common shooter.
Incursiom does this the best and bring back nostalgic moba feeling i have ramaimed in me

So-i do prefer incursion.
However,in 99% of cases ill vote for Monuments even if i really like Overgrowth just because i dont have lags,tearong,fps drop amd other annoying pc issues with Moniments.

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For me: Incursion > Meltdown > Capture.

Although, I really enjoy playing all the 3 modes.

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There is any reason that in Monuments you have less troubles (like lag or fps drop) that in other maps?

Its last made and best optimised.
Friends that play with me also have similar experience.

Oh, never thought about that. I’ll try to figure out if this map make some difference in my lag (that is bad most of the times).