Please Help Me w/Amara Build

Hey guys! I’m new to making builds and to Borderlands as a whole. I’m needing some help with creating a build for Amara. I thought I made a solid mob build, but now I’m second guessing it

Can you please look at my build and critique it and tell me how to improve it? Thanks so much. I really am loving this game so far!

Heres the build:

Hi :slight_smile:
Not an Amara expert compared to some others here, but still have some advices :

  • Wildfire : I’d take these points out of it, because the radius is really poor for “only” 40% chance
    I’d put 4(5 if possible)/5 in Infusion for obvious reasons

  • Anima : I’d take out 3 points from there and invest them in Ricochet 3/3, because the bullets that bounce from Ricochet add dmg and will not (others will correct me if I’m wrong) break the bubble from StillnessOfMind

Depending on how you can survive, I’d take points out of Helping Hands and Clarity to invest a bit more in Mystical Assault, for example :

  • Wrath 3/3 : more Gun dmg all the time, and further increase after using AS meaning with TTB and SOM you’ll net a pretty decent boost to dmg to phasegrasped enemies

  • IF using Maliwan guns (like I do), I’d suggest invest in FromRest 3/3, the gain in Charge Time is, to me, essential :slight_smile: And no matter what, increased Fire Rate means more DPS so yeah !

  • Not sure if I’d keep Alacrity above 1/5, read somewhere than investing more than 1 is useless, needs confirmation from experts here :wink:

  • Depending of your choices/preferences from above, I’d invest the last point in Anima OR if no invest in FromRest, you’ll have enough to max out Anima and put 2 points in Clarity :slight_smile:

To sum up, if you use Maliwan weaponry :

If not :

EDIT : you can also use Soul Sap augment, it works great and does not affect damages or CD of your AS :wink:

Hope this’ll help, and hope I didn’t say too much cr@p !

Here is the updated version of the build! I didn’t realize that Ricochet deals increased damage to enemies who are grasped or affected by Stillness of Mind! That will be a HUGE add-on to the build.

Any other suggestions for how to improve it after these changes?

  • I suppose you’re using elemental weapons. If that’s the case Infusion lowers your damage output. With 5/5 points in it, you’ll lose almost half of all damage done. 1 or 2 points is more than enough to strip all enemies off their shields (most of them are weak anyway). In most cases, you don’t need even that due to TTB already dealing a ton of shock damage.
  • Those points are better invested into Steady Hands for easier crit chains in order to maximise DPS.
  • By not investing 1 or 2 points into Sustainment you’re missing out on a huge defensive layer.
  • 5 points in Restless is absolute overkill with Phasezerker, you’ll barely get anything out of it, especially if you also have some bonus CDR from the class mod, artefact and/or guardian rank.
  • 1 point in Violent Tapestry helps you keep up Rush stacks in between action skill activations.
  • Fast Hands is a top tier skill helping you in matching elements and increasing DPS and should be maxed in almost every gun build.

I consider this the optimal general setup that can be tweaked depending on your gear setup:

More information on individual skills can be found here:

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That build looks nasty! I will definitely copy it over and try it out with my Amara! I have been playing more Moze lately and have been enjoying her, but want to get back to Amara soon. Thanks so much! I’m still learning how a lot of these skills work together so it is much appreciated!

Does infusion lower the damage output because it is converting other elemental weapons and their DOT to the DOT of my build’s element I have selected?

For instance, if a fire elemental gun I am using has a DOT of 400, but my selected element in my skill tree is shock and has a DPS of 200, then it would have a new DOT of 200 after infusion?

Have you tried melee at all? I’m only lvl 36 and only tried on mayhem 2 so far but I havent ran into any problems besides the tough to melee bosses. Mindfulness samsara and helping hands really help with survivability, and then I took every melee skill I could in brawl and fist of the elements. Troy was easy enough with mediocre gear and that setup and one punch most non badass enemies

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Haven’t tried melee Amara at all. Straight melee just doesn’t sound too appealing to me, the gunplay in BL3 is just too much fun.

The DOT is negligible on most guns but the upfront elemental damage takes the biggest hit. You’re using shock as your action skill element. Shock is extremely weak against anything but shields. Shields break so easily in a setup like that without Infusion so it shouldn’t be a priority.

Example: You use a gun with 500 damage which has the fire element. That gun would do 875 damage on a fleshy target without Infusion. With 5/5 Infusion and shock AS element the same gun on the same target would only do 525 fire damage and 130 shock damage. When you account for the DOT damage as well the difference would be even bigger.

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That makes sense! I should pay more attention to how much damage each element does when making my builds and make sure I’m not investing in the wrong things then. Makes sense when you explain it that way.

So, shock = lower upfront damage and lower DOT because it is simply weak against anything that is NOT shielded, or a blue health bar. So any time an enemy has a health bar that is red or corrosive, I’m losing out on some serious damage output if I were to invest in infusion.

Instead I let my AS do the shock damage and focus on letting my weapons use their type advantages to provide increased damage based on the enemy I’m fighting. Does that make sense? Hope I’m getting on the right track.

Fair enough, I just like punching them into mist haha

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I will certainly pursue it at some point without a doubt! Just not to that point in the game yet! It does look fun absolutely melting enemies with your fists lol

Yeah, TBB’s shock damage is more than enough to strip any shield, even on badasses. Most of the time when I use TTB I set it to fire because overall there are way more enemiesin the game that don’t use shields compared to the ones that have one. Unless I play in an area with heavy Maliwan presence, in that case a source for shock damage is quite valuable, even if it’s just a shock/radiation grenade or the Banjo unique artifact. I always carry a shock weapon for boss shields and thanks to Fast hands the weapon swap is so fast that I don’t see a reason to use shock on anything else. For general mobbing I usually go with everything radiation because it makes quick work with both shields and health bars. Pure fire is only worthwhile on bosses.

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The speed boost from mindfulness is great too, reminds me of the breakneck banshee days

You are not wrong

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