Please help? My gear is way under leveled

Took a break from the game I have slowly leveled up to level 72 on my moze and Zane but I’m having trouble farming loot considering my guns are all level 57 which was cap when I last played… does anyone have any sntl anoint or urad anoint hear they can give me to help me out?


There is the Loot the Universe event going on. check it out


Don’t worry friendo, just follow my easy step by step instructions and you should be all set in terms of gear.
Step 1: Play Moze.
Step 2: Respec Moze to make it Iron Bear oriented .
Step 3: Get some munchies. Always good to have snacks.
Step 4: Take advantage of Loot event happening. This will be crucial.
Step 5: Allow Iron Bear to carry you to victory and/or gear. Dealers choice.
Step 6: ???
Step 7: Profit

If that doesn’t work, try trading I guess.


may i just add that there is always the possibility to cheese m10 butchers aswell, incase one likes shooting himself


Thank you guys I was unaware of the event and as well the butcher spines to be doing me more than okay… time to grind and farm

If your eridium is still in good shape don’t forget to check Crazy Earls anointed machine and even if you find a good item with the wrong anoint you can just re-roll it to what you like…


I am a Zane main… add me and I’ll hook you up with some good gear. PSN is NICKEDEAMUS


How do I reroll my gear?

Thank you I’ll add ya rn

There is a board on the wall across from the anoint vending machine, just click on it and add the item you want the anoint changed on till you get the one you like. I haven’t used it much but I know it’s there.

Thank you so much! I’m curious if I can use any weapon in the machine because I have guns with bad anointments that could be really powerful if they had the right ones

Yes you can. Don’t spend your eridium yet… wait for my mail to come… I have like 30 items to give you so make sure your mail box is empty. Do you have all the DLC’s?

All dlc and an empty inbox

I sent you a bunch of stuff… appreaently I can only send like 10 items at a time but I gave you good stuff to start
The OPQ, with the Atlas Company man, and the Atlas Seein Dead will get you through a lot. If you see stuf that’s lvl65 it’s only grenades and class mods but trust me they work great. I’m glad I could help you out man. I owe it to someone for all the help I’ve received on here. And yes I’ll send more when the game will let me

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Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

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Going to send you more things… sorry if you get duplicates I can’t really remember everything I sent you hahah.

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