Please Help. PC crashing on startup

I could really use some help guys and gals.

I have been playing Borderlands with no issues since launch, but recently its been having some complications.

Whenever I attempt to launch the game from epic I get through the intro cut scenes to the clap trap loading screen, and as soon as it goes past that screen and my mouse changes from the default windows cursor to the orange borderlands 3 cursor, and I see the screen with the info that briefly displays after clap trap is finished, my whole computer either turns off or reboots.

I have no issues with any other games, and it is only happening on my main computer here. My gaming laptop does not appear to suffer this issue, and I have no idea what it could be.

The dump files are empty, the reliability monitor doesn’t show these are crashes and has no entries for them. I have updated my bios and drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled and verified nothing seems to work.

I read that some crash issues happen with dx12, but have confirmed i am using dx11. I am at a complete loss and I have spent the last 2 nights spending about 4-5 hours a night after 12 hours at work trying to fix this, so any idea or suggestion would be much appreciated.

As of 11/11/19 this issue has been resolved. As suggested in the below posts, it appears my power supply was the issue. There are additional settings and troubleshooting steps listed below by the helpful community members that may assist anyone having similar issues even if a power supply is not the root. So please be sure to read and toss a thank you to the people who took time to post these responses to help!

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My wife’s PC is doing this as well. It blows my mind that in 2019 a computer program could behave so badly that it REBOOTS the computer, yet, here we are.

I switched her to Dx12, and that worked for about two hours. Then we stopped playing for the night. The next night, it’s back to rebooting as soon as it tries to load the main menu. I verified it’s still using Dx12.

Another thing I saw was to turn on vsync. So I did that. And it worked! For about 30m. Then her computer rebooted, again.

This is nuts.

I have, of course, done all the typical trouble-shooting of updating windows, drivers, resetting the BIOS, I even swapped out her video card for a newer model.

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Did you say turn off? Like, instantly off without any shutdown or blue screen? Just direct to black?

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Yes, it power completely off, straight to a black screen. Sometimes I have to hit the power button to boot it up, other times it just automatically reboots. I took a video to show you what I mean, but its stuck in the processing phase on youtube so if you go to the link and its not working give it a minute and try again.

sorry in advance if you watch the video I made, i mis-read your issue and thought it was happening in random spots for you, which would seem like a hardware issue to me. But I read your post again and I now realize we are both crashing at the exact same place.

Sorry for the late reply, but I have good and bad news for you. The good news is I have 90-95% confidence what your problem is. The bad news is, it’s gonna cost you some money to fix.

So, when a computer instantly powers off like that, there really is only one thing that can cause that, and that’s power delivery. So, I can say with high confidence (and experience with this exact same problem) that you have a power supply that has degraded in power delivery capability and is now uncapable of providing the power output necessary for your system under the load BL3 requires. After some time you’re likely to see this shut-off issue happen more often and in more games than just BL3. The only fix is replacing your power supply.
Now, there is a possibility it could be your motherboard, but as I said, 90-95% of the time this is going to be caused by a failing power supply.

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No, it’s not power. If it was power it would be more consistent.

It’s BL3.

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There is a HUGE difference between restarting and directly turning OFF which is exactly what I saw in his video. There is only ONE thing that can do that and that’s power.

Your issue is separate and I was replying to the OP. I suggest you open a new post.

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Ya, I was kind of thinking that myself, just seems wierd to me it would only happen in Borderlands. I am going to order a new PSU this weekend, and I will report back if this corrects the issue or not. Thank you for your reply.

I feel the same way, but to be sure, I am going to go ahead and replace the PSU and we will see what happens, stay tuned for updates.

Yes, what happens when this is going on is that your system is drawing just enough power to trip over-current protection. Likely BL3 is one of the heaviest power-loads your system has seen, and so it’s the first game to trip OCP. As your power supply degrades further, or if your system was subjected to a 10C temp spike, I suspect you’ll see it happening more often. One thing BL3 stresses much harder than most games in the past five years is the CPU, so that likely is the main source of the extra power usage, as a heavily stressed CPU definitely draws quite a bit of power.

A side note so you can feel more sound about your decision is I suggest running a stress test that will stress the entire system, such as Aida64 with everything turned on, or Passmark. Something like that, if you can get your entire system fully stressed in a similar way to BL3, and it doesn’t shut off, then maybe there’s something extremely weird going on, but I believe that instead, it’ll confirm my troubleshooting, and you’ll see it happen on something other than BL3.

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I may try that before installing the new psu, I did notice when i load into the main menu my power usage on certain compnents climbs, but it didnt look any different than any of the other games i play. Thanks for all the help, I will be out of town until monday so I will update this thread probably monday evening once i stress test and get the psu in.

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No… it’s identical.

It’s not power. It’s BL3.

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Yeah I re-watched your video, I can see what you mean that it’s at that exact spot. Ugh I’d hate to have you replace something needlessly, but it screams power supply. I’m racking my brain trying to think of something else that could do something so odd.

Now, I want to say these are unlikely but possible scenarios that can cause an instant shut-off. The first of which could be power delivery on the motherboard, if it can’t supply enough then it’ll shut-off, if your cpu manages to hit a very high temperature in a short amount of time, before it has a chance to throttle, it could also thermally shutdown, and this would also work the same way.

But beyond that… I really don’t know, I highly doubt it’s the game itself, as there are plenty of players myself included that play it daily with zero crashes. So it has to be something, and when I see instant shutoff, that tells me it’s a hardware-controlled shutoff, and not software-controlled, as with software-controlled failsafe shutdowns you will usually see a restart, a freeze, or a blue screen. And you definitely would see some sort of error in the software. So that’s why I immediately think power supply as the common hardware-controlled failsafe. But, if your cpu was encountering a massive load very fast at that transition, it’s possible it tripped thermal protection.

Another thought even though I don’t see how it could cause this, is have you tried it without dual monitor?

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Welp, while you may not think so, it certainly could be… and most troubleshooting sites all point to power as being a main cause. Sorry :frowning:

Nope, otherwise there would be more than just BL3 players complaining of this instant shutdown… BL3 runs on Unreal Engine 4 and pretty sure it’s not the only game released on that engine.

Now, could it be that BL3 is just taxing enough to strain your PC?.. you bet

Edit: wait how does that go?.. ah yes.
"Borderlands 3 is the “symptom” of your problem… not the “cause” of your problem.

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So you’re saying other UE4 games should cause this issue.

Yet they don’t.

Or are you suggesting BL3, with its relatively crude graphics, is the most demanding UE4 game ever made?

Are you suggesting that the opening menu is more demanding than, say, the Mouthpiece boss fight?

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I’m sorry I can’t help you

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Balasarius… look, your issue is very likely different from Naimles’s, so I didn’t want to troubleshoot your problem in his thread but fine.

Random, inconsistent restarts is actually quite a few things. I’m gonna need you to check Event Viewer to see if there are any associated errors so I can narrow things down to determine what is the malfunctioning component/software.
This could easily be a driver crash, a memory issue, cpu instability… It can be a huge number of things. So I need more information before we can proceed.

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Have you had a look in event viewer, to see what is causing this ?
Overclocking CPU & GPU crashes BL3.

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Surprisingly to me anyways borderlands 3 is very taxing on your system. It loads RAM up 10 or so gigs on my computers and video memory maxes out at almost 7 gigs. It screams power supply or delivery on the motherboard. I don’t know your wattage or how old it is as capacitors dry out over time. I’ve had many times where one game will run fine and another just put it over the edge. I’ve got a corsair 1500 watt power supply to be set for a decade. If it ends up being something else then please share with us so it helps other people

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