Please help! Transfer gone wrong

Hello, don’t know if this is the best place to post this but here it goes…

I played bl2 through reverse compatibility on my Xbox one and managed make a zero lvl 50 character. Remembering I had good lvl 50 weapons on my Xbox 360 zerker I attempted a transfer through the cloud. Uploading the zerker to the cloud warned that it would override my zero save game but I shrugged it off thinking the cloud save was just a backup and the actual save would still be on my Xbox one hard drive. Boy was I wrong. The zero account is gone. Is there any way for me to recover him? Thanks for any help

When you downloaded the save to the Xbox One, did you select “Save as New” or “Overwrite”? If the former, then when on the main menu (Continue, New Game, etc.) press Y and it should bring up your list of available characters to select from.

If you happened to overwrite the save, i’m afraid it’s gone forever unless you happen to have a version of the Zer0 on 360 to upload again, just make sure to select SAVE AS NEW if you do it again.


To add to @Kuolemanlaakso’s answer: the in-game menu only lets you transfer a single character at a time between the 360 version and the Handsome Collection version of the game; it’s not for transferring between a physical 360 and the backwards compatible version on an XB1.

I would do as suggested and, when you launch the game, hit the ‘Y’ button to see what saves are actually available to you on the XB1.

What you should be able to do is move your 360 saves from the main storage to the Cloud Sync folder on the 360 (assuming you have enabled it); those saves should then be available directly in the backwards compatible version of the game on XB1.