Please help us connect!

We have never had an issue playing co-op on Borderlands 2 until we moved to a different hotel. We have no issues playing co-op on Overcooked AYCE but Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will not allow us to co-op anymore. We keep getting this error message: connection failed unable to connect to the internet

Both our NATs are B

Any help would be amazing!

P.S. the game we have is The Legendary Collection and not The Handsome Collection, but it was not an option.

Does it work if just one of you tries to connect with the other Switch powered off?

We are both able to get to the main screen with our characters but when I send him an invite he gets the connection failed message.

Same ISP or different one? Same router/modem or different one? If all you did was move, my suspicion would be that something isn’t fully open on the network. You will likely need to open a support ticket to get help.

It’s still Spectrum but the router/modem is different (we switched hotels so we can’t reset the equipment). I’ll look into opening a support ticket. Thanks for your input :smiley: