Please hot fix skippable cut scenes

I know it’s been 5 years now since the game launched but GB come on. As much as I love hearing Scooter think I am a robot I don’t want to have to watch it every single time I play through the game. I’m pretty sure no one does. Being a purely legit player makes it really bad. I mean if I want to get to op8 then I have to watch every single cutscene 3 times minimum. Don’t you think that’s a little unfair to the players?. Hint: It is.

By the way if you haven’t played your own game there are six characters. Think about that and about how many times players, that don’t or try to avoid cheating and glitches, have to watch a cutscene. Would be nice if you guys could do something like this. I mean it was kind of a joke when uvhm launched and you skipped a whole 10 min of gameplay at the beginning. Like really that’s all your going to give us?.

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I treat them as the game’s equivalent of the 7th inning stretch. Get up, grab a drink, come back, resume playing. Otherwise, I just join in the dialogue.


Considering that all of us do the same thing over and over again… I mean playing BL 2… farming the same bosses over and over again… I think sitting through those few seconds that each cutscene lasts are the least of our problems. At least the cutscenes here are entertaining. Imagine if the cutscenes were as long and boring as the never ending bullshirt dialogue you get in Skyrim, for instance.


Oh $DEITY no - the horror! :scream:

Doesn’t really bother me in the slightest. They’re pretty short and entertaining. I don’t mind rewatching them. I think there are far more important and pressing matters that I’d like to see addressed in a possible future hotfix/update than including the option to skip cut scenes.

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I have no expectation that they’ll change it for BL2, and that’s fine. It hasn’t made me want to stop playing, despite countless resets.

At this point, I am simply hoping that they’re taking notes for the future.


The only ones that really bother me are Scooter, Marcus, Zed & Tannis in Sanctuary and the DLC intros.

The first could easily have been disabled and it’s annoying having to go through all of them everytime I reach Sanctuary. The DLC intros are so long that it just gets boring having to go through them continuously. After all the Pimpernel farming back in the day I can’t bear to watch the Scarlett DLC intro anymore. I mute the sounds and get up everytime to do something during it. That’s how bad it is.


I have BL2 in window mode so when I get a long cut scene, like the ones for a DLC, I just pop up youtube or microsoft word and entertain myself while I wait.

I do hope they make them skippable in the third installation, at least after the first time you watch them.



Code much?

Adding this : -nostartupmovies to the launch options gets rid of most of the character intro cut scenes. All of the ones in Sanctuary for instance are gone with that flag turned on.

Sadly us console people don’t get this.