Please implement bad RNG roll protection or fix dedicated drop rate

Dear GBx,

i must have killed GeneIVI over 30 times and not seen a single reflux drop, at this point im not even hoping to get the annoint what im looking for, the gun doesn’t even drop.

Please implement bad RNG protection in such a manner when a player kill a boss , if no dedicated loot drops from said boss dedicated loot pool, the system automatically increases the dedicated loot drop rate by X % until a dedicated loot does drop from said boss and this increase in drop rate resets to 0. and then starts to build up again as player continue to farm said boss for what they want. (There are other game that implements this method, works well)

Or implement the dedicated loot pool fix you said you were going to do , disperse the dedicated drop within the loot pool to more bosses. instead of having a boss with 4 dedicated loot drops, make it 2. Also remove some world drops from boss loot pool. Have Badasses / Anointed enemies drop them instead. “World drop” should be found in the outside world, not on a boss.

Farming in its current state is frustrating at best, it is not fun… and NO you don’t keep playing from doing this, you drive players away…

FInally one Reflux dropped probably after 40+ GenIVIV kills…

They’re working on it.

Common feedback we receive is for named enemies to have their own drops. We are looking at making those changes and spreading out the loot pool in a future patch. This will coincide with an increase to the drop rate for dedicated loot.

Yea, we all thought this change would take place with Bounty of blood DLC Mayhem 2.0 fine tuning stage 2… but it never arrive… now we have unknown date or time as to when this will come…


Agreed. We may see it in another month or so or GBX will “forget” about it all together.

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Do you all not remember the drop rate in bl2? Go get a hive to drop there and tell me the rates are bad in bl3.

This may not be a popular opinion. I think to fix drops, they should eliminate about 90% of the legendaries. Let’s face it, they’re orange, they’re not legendary at all. I’m sure GBX has the numbers. Take the top 10 of used legendaries, and just delete the rest. Or make them purple/blue/green if people feel they need to have 400 Infinities/ASMO/Red Queens in their safe.

This won’t fix bad drop rates, but it will reduce the annoyance of sorting through garbage. Remember the thrill of rarely getting a legendary, and it actually performed.

I couldn’t possibly care less about the drop rates in BL2. This is BL3. It’s a completely different game. People need to stop using previous BL games as excuses for problems in BL3.


And people need to stop comparing them but that will never happen.
Why is game A not like game B. Game B is so much better because of x.
That will always happen no matter the game no matter the style. It is best to accept that as fact then always fight the inevitable.

I do agree with you on this but it is the best example I could give without straying into Diablo or Destiny comparisons.

Anoints and dedicated drops are what’s wrong with loot in BL3. IMO it’s not the quantity of loot that’s the problem, it’s the quality. Far too many bad/useless anoints make most of what I get vendor trash.

I stopped playing BL3 for about a month and went back to playing Diablo 3. I only started again because of the new DLC. Playing Diablo 3 makes it even more painful to deal with the loot system in BL3.

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Yes but unless you cared about parts once you dropped a legendary you were set.
Now if I drop one with a crappy anointment it is like it never dropped. Half damage or less is more impactful than getting the worst parts in bl2.

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I have never cared about the annointment on anything in bl3. Yes they add to a gun and sometimes make a gun better but they do not determine if it is unusable. I main moze and will gladly try any gun with any annointment. I will say a shedifier is unusable with or without a “perfect” annoint.
It is about your build and how you synergy with the guns you pick up. Everyone will say a Redline is terrible but I use one with a 200 ASA and moze does not benefit at all from that.
Before 2.0 I was running around with non annointed gear or finding the annointments that didn’t add to moze. Or even running blue gear just to see if it was viable on m4 pre 2.0. It was.
People want to complain that the cake isn’t ready now and and they cant eat it too, but the batter just started mixing.

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Just remember - 10% or even 20% of a very, very small number is still a very small number…

It’s two very different loot systems. In bl2 drops were much rarer but the power variance was also much smaller. The difference between good and bad rolls in bl3 is astronomical

Comparing a direct sequel to its predecessor is a bit different than comparing two different games in the same genre. And the point stands that it would take far less farming in bl2 to get a perfect gun than it will in bl3

They do more than just “add” to a gun. I mean there are annoints that increase your damage by 250%. Moze has one that increases splash damage by 125%. That is such a massive boost that a lot of people just consider anything without those very powerful effects useless.

And this ties into the problem of there being no way to target annoints like you can with other gear. So it’s a total crapshoot. And it’s only going to get worse as they keep adding new anointments.


Dude, the right anointment can make the difference between a weapon doing x4 it’s damage, a far greater bonus that any variation of part in BL2. Anointment really killed the farming in this game.

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I never said that they didn’t. I said they are not needed.
Just remove them from the game and save a lot of trouble.

Reality is they can implement a fix but RNG gonna RNG so proving any change was made will be impossible since we can’t scale testing to the what will still be crazy low drop rates any fix would bring. It will all be perception and anecdotal.

Frankly as the developers I might be cruel and run a placebo experiment and say we fixed It but don’t implement anything and see if people just think it was fixed.

You could argue it makes the farming in this game more fun. Once you finally get that anointment it’s like hitting the jackpot.

So, i have done the new dlc and am level 60, i have most the new guns… For the last three days i have been doing the new takedown, every run takes me about 45 mintes + i still find it very hard on mayhem 10…but ive completed it 23 times in 3 days… The best the end boss has offered me in loot is… WOODBLOCKER, JACKHAMMER, FIRESTORM SNIPER. Its really hard to keep playing or frankly supporting this game anymore, i often think of the literal hours i have wasted just to be presented with utter trash like that, every one of the 23 kills presented similar loot but that last one was the worst, the takedown is so hard it should be a guaranteed drop for one of his dedicated weapons. Anyway im not wasting anymore time on this takedown, i probably wont even look at bl3 now until the next dlc comes out.

This isn’t true…
If they increase the drop rate internally for sure , us players will be able to see the difference.
Or by shrinking the dedicated loot drop pool… either way you will most definitely see a difference.