Please improve matchmaking

Between the different game modes and difficulties, there are 20 different categories to queue for. Factor in the number of different regions and that number gets a whole lot bigger. It’s no wonder that we spend hours in queue waiting for a game.

Allow us to queue for multiple modes and difficulties simultaneously, please.

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Or better yet, put in a session browser, for god’s sake.


That is really the way to go. You can see what people are doing and pick what you want to play. You can also look for latency. Even 90’s computer games had this feature,…

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The previous Borderlands games had session browsers, and that was pretty horrible also.

I feel like matchmaker is the way to go, they just need to be smarter with the design.

Put out a message on the forums. You get better groups than any matchmaking GB could provide.

There was also matchmaking in the earlier games.
Putting in a session browser would not exclude the matchmaker they have now.

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