Please Increase BANK Space

PLS Gearbox Team increase Bank Space.

I cant even build multiple builds by playing 2 chars cause i dont have the space in the bank.

My suggestion would be increase the bank system to 100 space or

bring a character specific bank slot with 100 slots.

So players can have 100 items on the character specific bank and still can use the “global bank” with 50 slots to transfer their items between the characters.

As Example: if you play 4 chars you have 100 bank slots on each which is overall 400 bank slots in the character specific bank.
If we add the “global bank” with 50 slots we have a bank inventory of 450 slots overall.
In my Opinion that would be enough to deal with your billions weapons. :slight_smile:

But Honestly we need more Bank Slots.

Push it to the Limit


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