Please Increase Buyable Bank Spaces!

So I’m pretty sure everyone who has their bank space almost filled agrees that more bank spaces would be really nice! especially since there are new legendaries added to the game.

Devs still not convinced? It will incentive people to spend money (yeah Randy Pitchfork I said $$$ :slight_smile:) on the Ops DLC b/c people will have more bank space so they will want to fill that bank space with OPS pack gear


Most definetly. I had the painful experience of combing through over 350 pieces of gear and dropped it to about 200(exhausting!) yesterday just to get the ability to check the contents of my commander packs. Just lemme buy more space!


I want the ability to set favorites
Give me a Delete Item below Max roll option


If we could trade with our Friends and give them loot this wouldn’t be a prob.
Why oh why can’t I give loot away?

Now that they fixed the loading problem (that’s why everything loads instantly when selecting characters), they’ve said there’s essentially no drawbacks to do so and they’re planning on it. Specifically, “soon”

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What do you mean?

Ah… I am less than intelligent… Misunderstood some things. Carry on don’t mind me… (It’s 4 am for me…)

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Ah np lol

The lack of bank space / loadout space is a good thing in my opinion. You have to choose and recycle them. We don’t need more space, you just need to swap a few things out.

But i want every faction gear in every color and legendaries and good flawed gear.

Also more loadouts! If i want to play with x char and i find its legendary to be worth it i need to change my gear


If I remember correctly Randy confirmed just yesterday on the last Battleplan thread that we’ll get more bank space and loadouts.
I welcome it… A lot. I’m always out of space and can’t always decide on loadouts that work for multiple characters, especially if you use char specific legendaries.


I want just 30 pieces of gear and configuration of each piece of gear via parts. I would still earn pieces of gear and parts the same way, but it would be WAY more organized.

For example, new player starts the game, wins a match or two and gets some gear packs or from it. Inside the pack he finds 2 basic pieces of gear and some random parts for that gear and some for gear he doesnt have yet.

He goes to command and gear and notices that he has a piece of gear that decreases buildable costs. In that gear he also notices how he can toggle the part configuration. He has a part that increases the buildable cost decrease to 25% but it also makes the gear cost more to deploy in a match.

This would make the gear easier to manage. I guess it’s similar to Warframe or Destiny gear. Or even 7 days to Die.

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nah he probably said that today b/c I told him straight up “yeah Randy Pitchfork I said $$$ :slight_smile:

1k space would be a decent number.

Also similar to Fallout 4.

Essentially, Gearbox needs to embrace part configurable gear. They avoided it in Borderlands (even though it probably could have benefited from it) and it would have been perfect for Battleborn.

So I never played fallout, are you talking about a crafting system? They thought about this but they scratched the idea for the game, but not ruling out it would never come back. In their eyes, they couldn’t get the balance right. In my eyes, the gear is still incredibly unbalanced.

I think @MentalMars would know more because I got that info from one of his videos.

Edit, I do think they should put in something like a grinder so once you get a piece of gear, you can upgrade it to max stats instead of having to farm the mission again and again.

Essentially yes.

More like a gear configuration page.

You could go to any one of your pieces of gear and open up a detailed page about it. In there you could choose which parts that piece of gear should use.

For example, in fallout 4, you have a gun crafting workbench. You pull up the stats on a gun and you can swap out the scope on it for a different one but it might make the gun heavier or do less damage. And you can adjust other parts of that gun too that affect accuracy, damage, effects, stability, reload time, etc…

Sorry all the info i got about the crafting system is in the video.

I want them to just bump the max up to 9999 and be done with it. That’s more space than you need if you had a max roll of every piece of gear in the game.

No worries. I mainly wanted to give you a shout out

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