Please Increase Drop Rates From Packs

Maybe it’s just a lack of quantity, but I find it really difficult to get any Taunts or Skins from division loot packs. I’ve opened 50+ packs, and only gotten 5 Skins, and 2 taunts. I’m on a 10 streak of crappy gear too.

I don’t want a huge boost, just a small one. ; - ; I need a new taunt for Whiskey Foxtrot.

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That or make 'em cheaper? 1900 for something that may give you at most 1 common 1 Uncommon is kinda steep. Most people buy the Faction packs for a chance at skins and taunt, but they don’t usually get 'em. I wouldn’t mind getting nothing but a few crappy gear out of faction loot packs if they cost 900-1000 Credits (about 2-3 PvP matches).

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Oh my god the tea party Whisky taunt is fantastic

Idea: Make it so they only drop skins and taunts. Maybe they can be guaranteed to drop at least one and have a chance to drop two.

Opened yet another rouge like 30 mins ago hoping for WF stuff and instead of taunt or skin I got 500 creds
( . _ .)

At this point since I already have 159 bank space I’m going to hoard creds til t2/3 WF stuff :pensive:

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