Please increase the drop rate of Magnus skins!


U r founding the game, i love you now!!!


You can find Kelvin’s magnus skin if you select him for the dojo. It’s pretty awesome. And yes $200 so far that’s how much I love Kelvin. To make it even crazier I’m gonna spend even more money on trying to get it soon.


Still not as much as Nemo spent to get his Deande skin.


At the very least, there should be some disclaimer for when “a common skin or taunt” really means “you just spent real money for 500 or 1000 credits because you already have 90% of the common skins and taunts.”


How much did he spend?

@Nemosis327 is your wallet ok? Was it worth it?

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+1, and btw these skins are a waist of time to get since they aren’t purple :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Jythri @JoeKGBX

Please Gearbox devs, you guys have some of the most die-hard and loyal fans I’ve seen of any game in recent memory, please do something about this soon, thanks, much appreciated.


Tbh I’m really not sure I want to disclose that information in a public place. Just know it was a lot. And more than any number posted here so far. And also very, very worth it.



bows down repeatedly like Wayne & Garth from Wayne’s World


You, sir, are the epitome of dedication!

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As long as it was worth it. S’all that really matters.

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I have Thunderbird as a result of the founder goody pack platinum.
That’s all I wanted.

As for purchasing skins with real money. …
Sorry. I draw the line there.

The ONLY exception would be… a Scooter themed skin for Benedict with his signature baseball cap.
Because that’s just too awesome not to have.

Regarding the drop rate.
Yeah. If you’re going to have people pay real money for it, up the drop rate.


And after buying more than anyone here has admitted to, how many magnus skins did you get?


Do u know how many packs u bought? Can u get the % based on ur luck to get them?

I stopped after 100
I’m not going any further
it’s not the money
I’m done wasting my time

Based on the data i got, can u confirm the drop rate is close to 0.5%??

Edit: magnus skins

For magnus skins, premium skins or loot pack skins?

Magnus were 1%
Premiums were at least 4% (duplicates don’t indicate what the were)
Loot pack skins are a mystery cause I already have them

Small data but it was enough to dissuade me

Ugh and u got x2 better rates than me and ppl i asked…

Well it was one of the first 5
Then 95 of nothin

I was so excited too T-T

Thats so evil! U got hooked…

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