Please let Last Update Make Battleborn Self-sufficient

@Jythri I appreciate all you’ve done for the community and the game!

But I’d also like to ask that Battleborn be patched to become self-sufficient for the players who still want to play Battleborn in the event the servers do shut down eventually… I want to be able to play not only with my split screen buddy, but also with online friends still, and accomplish challenges etc… even in the incursion and other pvp modes as well! This to me is really vital for the players who have loved and will continue to love the game for a long time to come!

Please guys! This is a vital thing for Battleborn players to continue to enjoy the game if the servers go down— Bc “foreseeable future” is far from a guarantee to the players who have continually supported it… if the next update is to be the last, it needs to make the game self-sufficient, especially from your servers and limitations (private matches limitations etc)


Magical servers that allow people to play even after shut down?

That would solve so many logistical problems!


lol it’s called p2p Multiplayer


I knew going in that server connection issues would be a problem for me as a solo player, but I wouldn’t complain if they dropped the server requirement.


Battleborn must exist on the Cloud!



Fair point.

Apologies. Friendo!


Incursion please


Let the Battleborn live pls!
Open up all modes for solo play with bots, PLEASE!


No problem. I don’t typically prefer p2p, but I prefer it over the game literally becoming nothing more than a backsplash screen with no ability to play at all! Lol :joy:


Can we move this topic to General discussion?

And no this game can’t be offline.


Why not?

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The way the game was build, to always have to “reserve” a spot for any levels, how solo and coop aren’t separated features, meaning a change would be significant on how you enter a level. All loot pack openings, helix, stats, enemies, your stats, challenges completion, are all on the servers. How you get your infos back after an update. You can’t just make “switch offlines” for some solo stuff and “connect online” by snapping your fingers. That was rooted deep into how the game was build. Team has been small for a while. And there never was any plan to change that. With a “last” update, you can’t guarantee there wouldn’t be any bugs left.

It wouldn’t have been impossible, just not “worth” it. Like how it’s 5v5 and not 10 players reshuffled into 2 teams. Couldn’t been done unless the game was popular and a bigger team to change how you connect to a game.


I understand, thank you for the detailed explanation.

BUT! Making lore challenges possible in Private Versus, that is possible!

Yes. It is. (Or should be… I’m not a dev, what do I know)

Fingers crossed, friends, for this needed update.

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Have them switch to p2p or offline mode… I just created a poll/petition for this