Please let newcomers know that Bots Battle is for them

So in Versus Bots que description there is no mention that it’s easy, and a good place for newcomers to practice. Maybe if that is changed, I’ll see less level 2 & 5 get slaughtered in Solo/Duo que.


This has been discussed at length already. My personal opinion is that pvp should be locked until a benchmark rank is reached or at least make them run the tutorials first.


Doesn’t Paladins put you up against bots until you reach a certain level? As to learn the mechanics before getting thrown in with the wolves. Might be worth “borrowing” that approach.

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A few months ago, I said that a great idea would be a little popup when people first select Versus and it says something around the lines of "We think it is best to start with bots battle. " And if they select versus queue, we get some GBX humor like “Are you certain Bots battle isn’t for you?” Kinda like Cl4p Trap in the pre sequel when you select him.

  1. I guess mandatory Prologue and training mode should’ve been enough. Ofc evet that is an unsufficient minimum that won’t stop noobs from imply entering PvP right after that.
  2. I believe the whole spectrum of Battleborn changes to make it “newcomer fiendly” was centered around the opposite: no character unlocking requirements (thus no pressure to play more so one could "catch’em all’), easier lore challenges requirements, training modes, titles that can be won in bots battles etc. The game could start to restrain ppl from accesing goodies too early [again] -quoting- “But I guess we can’t turn back now”.

Newcomers shouldn’t have a place to level up like that that is absurd bots battle is time gearbox wasted

Why shouldn’t newcomers have a place to gain some much needed experience before throwing themselves into meat grinder that is Battleborn pvp?
It’s not just for newcomers either. I play it every once in a while to try different loadouts or to practice with the characters that I’m not as good with. Sometimes I play bots just to avoid long queue times or to escape the notorious mismatchmaking and just have a quick fun game.


I’m not allowed to speak ill of you so instead i will say this it is not fun to be sheltered from the harsh realities that is the game it is not fun to play bots to escape the fact that this game is dying so we have super long queue times it is not fun to play bots to avoid the truth that gearbox hates us for trying new stuff like lesser used helixes or non legendaries that are obviously overpowered its not fun to ignore the fact that people like me and and many others will destroy you for being low level less skilled or trying bad helixes then sending you hatemail none of that is fun fun is getting destroyed on the field field because you tried your best and it just wasn’t good enough

Fun is subjective and not everyone finds games fun that are more stressful than a 14 hour shift at work.

This game needs a training section. People need a way to try out the gamemodes, learn the maps, learn the objectives, get familiar with characters and just sometimes even shut down their brains and just play silly teamcomps or have some fun joking around.

Look at fighting games. In those games you spend most of your time against enemies with absolutely no AI to train combos or you program a sequence you want to train to avoid into your enemy player and replay it over and over until you have a 10/10 success rate. This isn’t something that works in Battleborn, because it is a teambased game.

Coordination and Communication (even if only through pings or even just by knowing your teammates’ playstyles) are vital to be successful. This can be learned in Bots Battle.

Public PvP matches are (at least on PC):

  • Something you wait for a long time to get into.
  • Very unbalanced by design, since the game tries to fill up your lobby with people in your range (if there was an Elo hell, we are close to it in this game)
  • Utter crap sometimes. Many PvP teams (not all) don’t play good games, but still stomp that random assortment of newcomers they are matched against. It’s disgusting how many people I’ve seen bragging with 100 or more kills for their team vs. 0 on the other team and on the same scoreboard you see something like zero masks deposited. How the hell should a new player learn anything from that garbage? The bots play the objectives, those killsquads polish their KDA and give a damn about the objective. That’s not how you win games against someone in your league.
  • Go meta or go home. I had people ragequit from my team because I picked Attikus. There’s 30 characters in that game, I like to play all of them and not only the five most broken ones.

I’ve played PvP matches that were that bad that I’m sure my 4 teammates instantly uninstalled again. Not because of the game, just because the enemy team was killfarming noobs in Chaos Rumble with the most cancerous teamcomposition anyone could imagine.

This crap doesn’t happen in Bots Battle, people can play and learn the game there and are not degraded to farm animals who can be tortured by the lucky few who played the game for a longer time already.


Might I suggest punctuation, it’s the difference between a family meal and cannibalism

But seriously to attack your point, you’re trying to tell people what fun is, how can you objectively define a thing that is subjective by nature


Im training noobs c: from 0-20 they are doing 12-3 or 4-4(when they get bloodthirst).

From lvl 16 to lvl 40, they still lack gear but im proud of their progres.

Edit: we did 1 bots battle to test a helix path and a specific play style. They did not like bots “to easy” “no thrill they are predictable”.


I couldn’t of said it better myself, if this mode was removed and they added a server browser for players to balance their own matches or removed bot battles and increased the player-base so there would be an influx of noobs then this would really help keep the game fun for everyone. Sure some noobs would still cry that they might get wrecked but then they can go play private bot matches or do the story missions/ops, so there really is no reason to.

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He wasn’t trying to tell others what is fun, he was speaking on behalf of the PvP players who suffer because of the snow-ball effect that bot battles had to take most of the population away from PvP and leaving only the hardcore players so more and more players go over to bots well, at least on PC. This in turn ruins the fun for the PvP players.

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With all due respect, His literal words were “this is fun” and “this isn’t fun”


You seriously want to tell me now that story missions and OPs are only for noobs? Really?

Also you are missing the point. I already only play private bot matches anymore (although I don’t classify myself as a noob anymore, I play this game since the open beta). Bots Battle is a method to train how to play with others or just have some mindless fun. PvP, no matter how balanced the matches are will always be competitive in some way, this leads to stress and this is something you don’t want to have e.g., when you come home after a long day at work.

Jumping into the game, going for Bots Battle to meet some other random people to have some fun is great on such days. Grab a bottle of wine and just play - nobody cares if you make a mistake. Do that in PvP and people will rage at you, insult you and worse.

You think PvP would be more populated if Bots Battle is missing: I doubt it. You only take away a thing people can have fun with, no matter what skill level or in which consitution they are. That this mode is more successful than any PvP queue on PC is a direct reason of PvP being no fun for some people because of lopsided matches and some killsquads who treat every fresh player like target dummies, but I don’t think PvP population rises by removing it. People just will stop playing then.

Edit: Just some examples why private Bot matches are no training whatsoever:

You play alone most of the time and you have to deal with teammates like this or that. This may be useful for practice in playing an Assassin, but good luck if you try to train playing e.g., Miko.


no, not only noobs but that’s the best time to do the story mode so they can get all the legendaries as fast as possible to become as legendary as Da Legendary Pig

Idk it probably would increase the PvP population even if PvE players quit so I’m good with that :smiley: , but I suggested add a server browser so people could make their own bot matches or see what PvP games are available, or remove bot battles but increase the player-base with something like cross-play or F2P, not remove bot battles without anything to make up for the non-casual PvP atm.

Also I don’t see how getting stressed is a problem considering this an FPS/MOBA light game, not some intense twitch-shooter where one wrong move will cost your team the game.

found it! sorry, it’s so hard to read post with no periods/comas and I think he meant to say this or maybe not I’m still kinda confused since there is no coma between fun and fun xD.

But it’s Attikus writing so it’s actually really good for him!

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It’s all good, just pointing out where I got the impression

  • I find a Rath with a “License to Dive” who constantly blames me for not saving his butt as the only player who had the mercy to play a support and ragequits after that stressful.
  • I find it stressful to start a game with four other people who are quite cheerful in chat at character select and then quit in the middle of the match with a final comment that wouldn’t survive the bad language filter here.
  • I find it stressful when I pick someone just for fun or when I feel like playing them (e.g., I’m amongst the worst El Dragon players imaginable but I find him a fun character and want to play him sometimes :frowning: ) and end up being blamed for throwing the match and being a troll before the match even started.
  • I find it stressful to be the highest command rank on a team, but also a player without much experience in PvP. I can’t carry a team in PvP. I can in PvE sometimes, but those queues are even more empty, thanks to those trolls who only try to waste your time by suiciding until you run out of lifes.
  • I find it stressful sitting in front of my PC for over half an hour to wait for a game, only to end up with someone quitting at map select because they don’t want to play anything other than Incursion even once and getting sent back into queue again (which most of the time means that I can already stop looking for getting into a game at all, because I don’t have much longer than 1 or 2 hours a day for gaming).

I prefer playing my private Bot matches (3v5 to make them a little more interesting), Bots Battle if I want other people to chat with in my games, Story missions or private PvP (if I’m invited to a 10 stack - doesn’t happen that often).

Lobby browser would solve some of those issues, but there’s still some pressure left. Off-meta picks still will anger most other people you run into.


We are still talking about Battleborn, right?
I have had matches that were decided by who got to the shock turret first. This game can be very intense and stressful when it is played at a competitive level, with and against skilled players. Missing a stun or a heal can be a game changer.