Please let us advance to other play throughs without finishing the story

My main complaint about BL2 is that no matter how much DLC content you owned. No matter how many other quests and enemies you could kill, you could never advance to the next play through without spending hours and hours playing Jack’s story and killing the Warrior.

Every character, every playthrough. We Played the main story only and once you finished, then you played the DLC unless you were in a hurry to move to the next playthrough so then you skipped DLC.

Once you beat the game’s story mode once on any character class, it should be more like Diablo where you can just jump in with subsequent characters and mess around in whatever DLC you want, then choose the next playthrough difficulty once you’ve reached a level threshold.

Sometching like adventure mode from Diablo where you just jump in and play quests that constantly scale would be great too.

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