Please let us reroll annointments please!

Seriously. I was against it but with every level increase and trying to farm a Shrediffeir with a consecutive hit annointment I’m getting sick of it.

Not only is that gun extremely rare to world drop for some reason, but good luck getting with with the annointment you want and never mind the preferred bipod option

It sucks. Can we just use eridum or cash to reroll annointments on gear ? please ??

Yes this is also a thinly veined LF kenetic Shrediffier with consecutive hit thread too :slight_smile:


if they allow it , they wouldve been done it months before . gbx want their playerbase suffer

I think it’s largely that GBX have a very fixed idea of how the game should be played and that unfortunately doesn’t tie in with the easy path to getting a god roll. They want players to try lots of different things and not fix on just a few favourites.

Nowhere is this more evident than in BL2, where they stated that one of the main reasons they changed the weapons was that they didn’t want players having a Hellfire-type weapon that could carry them through 20 levels. They purposely designed it so that players would be forced to try new guns every couple of levels. Now I really didn’t like that but that’s what GBX wanted. And now the drip-feeding of level increases follows the same philosophy: it means players are forced to give up their current weapons and try out others. Not once, but twice in as many months.

All this points to the idea that getting the best of everything isn’t what the GBX creators have in mind. They want to encourage people to try different guns and builds, which tbh many wouldn’t do if they could easily get their favourites

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i rather have the small increases in lvl then shooting up 20 or so levels…

at least your weapons stay viable untill you get new ones (i haven’t deleted my lvl 50 infinity i used on zane and it still does OK in M4 to be honest)

Anyone that feels the need to ditch weapons after these tiny level increases is misinformed.

I’m still using a level 53 Redistributor and Carrier for Zane. I still only play M4 and the only reason to drop either of those guns is if I find the same thing at a higher level. I might be kind of screwed if I was still trying to use a level 50, but 50 to 53 weapons still worked, and 53 to 57 does too as long as your guns and build don’t suck.

I’d also argue that the farming events following each new cap undermine the idea of trying new gear. It takes nothing to upgrade grenades and shields. Also, the increases don’t come with new gear so the ‘good’ gear never changes. People still chase the same stuff when farming. All I’ve done is replace gear as I find the same thing at a higher level. Not once have I stopped and considered a new weapon simply because of the level cap.

We’ve come to the point where annointed is needed to “actually” play the game. farming does not necessarily mean playing the game . killing the same thing over and over cannot be the core gameplay right

i hope gbx can understand it

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For some very narrow definition of ‘playing the game’: e.g. True Maliwan Takedown on MH10. Or high MH levels in general, perhaps.

You can have lots of fun with ‘plain’ guns, or even wrong anointments. I think my Fl4k is using Siren-anointed Duc right now. Quite enjoyable.

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then it just functions like a non anointed weapon :rofl:

anointment just give weapons that extra kick that the weapons are lacking.

I’m going to agree with about everything I’ve seen here so far.

Yep, making it so we can “mod” our stuff would be a major divergence. Yes, Gearbox has pretty clearly demonstrated this isn’t how they think the game(s) should work. YES! Personally, I’d love it! But at this point, it seems really unlikely to happen.

I do respect and understand the concerns of those who think it could and maybe even does undermine what has been held as a very important part of the series. However, I still don’t think it would quite be the “destruction” many think it would be and it would be a major QoL improvement that might just help encourage at least a certain set of the gaming community to play far longer than they otherwise would.

It sure does. But as long as it’s better than what I had before, I’ll take it and use it.

When I’m playing BL games, Im trying to find a ‘better’ gun, not the ‘perfect’ one. I think it helps with game enjoyment, as you are much more likely to be pleasantly surprised: “I found something better” vs. “%^&, perfect one did not drop”.

YMMV, of course.


that’s pretty much the point in end game :wink: maxing out your gear haha :wink:

most weapons come in many forms (diffrent barrel, stock, scope, burst or (semi) auto, etc.) and getting one with a good anointment is fun :slight_smile: doesn’t add anything to how the gun handles (or well, for zane the cryo damage does help A LOT for cryo builds)

oh and for nade mods and shields it’s a straight upgrade :smiley:

This has been the point of “end game”, for some (maybe even many, maybe). But for the crowd that isn’t farming or gear centric, we play because we like playing the game, not endless farming. We will play because we enjoy it, not to farm “new” incrementally better pieces of gear. Gear is simply the tools we employ to “tear things up” in the game.

It’s purely a matter of what a person finds rewarding. I don’t want to do anything that would destroy other gamer’s enjoyment, I honestly don’t. I’d rather just leave the game than see a change that might wreck the “whole thing” for a significant portion of the existing player base. But there are some of us that it could create a significant amount of retention, keeping us engaged in the game for far longer. Whereas otherwise, we have just quit playing (or are quitting). We come back for DLC or new game releases (such as Borderlands 3), but otherwise, we get burnt out on the farming treadmill and go elsewhere.

I think it might be time for Gearbox to dig a little deeper, revisit this concept, and make some choices. That choice might (and likely would be) to leave it as is. But I’d hope they’d at least consider what they might be able to gain. If done “well”, it could open entirely new avenues for Borderlands, and the player base could flourish more than it already has.

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Yes that sums it up for me, too. If I thought I already had the best of everything there’d be no point picking anything up. As it is I think I still find at least one “better” weapon pretty much every session