Please let us reroll quests

or at least make the ult kills update when you kill bots in versus mode. Other queues never pop and these have been stuck in my log for what feels like a month now.

Yikes, at least I only have the Main Quest one and the 4 Plat version of it. Hope that gets fixed soon.

Also, hi! We’ve played a few matches together lately :slight_smile:

Might be obvious but just trying to help - have you thought about trying to play characters specifically for the quest? I.E. ISIC, Thorn, Orendi?

It doesn’t work against bots, that’s the problem here :slight_smile:

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Is this because of que issues or difficulty playing against players?

On PC it’s odd if you don’t queue up with a full team. You often wait a very long time to get in a match that ends before you can reach level 5 :frowning:


Very true, you spend an hour trying to get one match then it’s over.
I have a friend on the Microsoft Green team that does data for PC energy waste, might tattle. :wink:

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It’s not just the fact that matches are over really fast sometimes (ragequits, surrenders, stomps) why I’d wish that it can be completed in Bots Battle.

I kind of prefer the more relaxed environment in there. PvP can be very serious sometimes and I’m one of those who won’t use a mic (only play in the late evening when I have to be quiet, because someone who has to get up for work much earlier than me is sleeping already). I don’t want to be that player who drags a team down.


…Fully agree, TEAM SPIRIT


Same here. That, and it’s pretty hard to find a PvP match on PC. I can queue solo for bots after work or on the weekends, ans usually have a match in a minute.

Of course, I have a few toons with lore quests I can’t complete, and I have two of those same 3 quests stuck in my queue right now. Dreading the day my daily queue gets plugged up completely with them…

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They did say there’s a fix for this that’ll come out in the next patch, letting you complete these things in bots battles.

When that patch will be, tho, only the wind knows.


Gotcha, and I’m really sorry to hear that. Kudos for the patience!

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And a LOT of the time, you’ll see that. Once in a while, though, you’ll have your ‘teammates’ leave a Thorn and Alani to face the full enemy team while they’re off … wherever … on Monuments. Boldur, Montana, Kleese (I think?), Caldarius? That got a little sweaty for a bots match.

And sometimes we just go have fun with a 4 or 5 player team in there. ALL MIKO on Coldsnap? Sure! All Montana on Overgrowth? That was actually entertaining.

At any rate, there’s very little toxicity happening there and no one’s on the losing end of a ROFLstomp. That’s huge.

p.s.- Good to see your familiar name in-game recently. TheMechaStreisand says hey…

High-5, it was good to see you, honest.
Shalom :wink:

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