Please! LF Deathless Artifact for Moze, mine glitched through a wall!

I was sorting my loot and after “dropping” my deathless artifact it glitched through the wall of sanctuary and slowly faded away. Ugh. This one had incendiary slam, +12 luck and +40% mag. On PS4, gamertag is n8d0ggz. I’ll be glad to send you something in return!!

So go to your lost loot box on sanctuary it’ll be in there

It doesn’t work that way. Once you drop an item from your inventory it does not appear in lost loot box. Only the most recent items that you have not picked up appear there.

Well I found stuff I’ve dropped in mine but anyway I have several deathless artifact the only one with mag size increase though is a radiodead and the only elemental projector deathless I have to trade has 30% grenade damage

Id like the grenade +dmg. What are you looking for?

Ummm I’m after certain things with specific attributes like a westergun anointed (×2 corrosive/shock) or a corrosive anointed butcher maybe if it’s better than the one I have atm or diluvion firestorm anointed

I only have a radiation and fire butcher. I don’t have the other items either :(.

Can you show me pics of them?

The fire one could be handy

Oh terror and flak no good to me :frowning: umm what bout anointed transformer? I’m after the one that increases shields and health after ase

I wont be able to send it for another 4 hours/ tomorrow; but ive got a spare “rear ender deathless” you can have… from what i remember its got 2 element resistances and 40% mag

That would be very helpful! Thank you so much!

Alright…ill send it when i get back home;
psn = steeveyb

I don’t have an anointed transformer, just a normal one.