Please look into cheating/damage calculation

It’s bad enough I have to wait 10 minutes to get into a match in this god forsaken game, but I’m tired of people cheating when I do get into matches.

People are moving way faster than they should be, dealing WAY too much damage. Just had a toby without his shield do 1.4k damage in a couple of hits.

Please do something ffs.

1.4k is probably doable if charged crits. What level were they? You don’t provide much info.

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That’s normal for a Toby.

thats nada

just played against a phoebe that did 2k in 2 seconds… yeah i was dead =[

still ended up owning her and her team by staying cautious of where the heavy hitters r at.

some classes do insane burst.

toby is one of them unfortunately.
he can be very deadly with his ultimate if his shield is down, stay away from him and beat him up from afar if u can =]

lol u wont get anywhere with that attitude my guy.

dont stand next to toby next time u fight him.

his ultimate skill is really strong.

I think this is the first time that has ever been said by someone who believes it (e.g. barring sarcasm).


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A problem can’t be fixed unless we establish that it is, in fact, a problem. You haven’t provided enough info to establish that. I could do more damage than that in two hits with BOLDUR at level 10.

lol you mad or naw??? but really i seen toby players deal that much damage

Have you played with Toby yet? I played with him quite a bit to test his stuff out, and his Rail Cannon fully charged is one of the most powerful primary attacks in the game. He then has a boost by shooting through his shield to amp the damage. Even early game he can do VERY high damage, and with a crit in there it would easily make up the numbers. It’s also possible to get Attack Damage from a white item or Green Item for another 9.80% within the first minute.

Possibly one of the quickest I’ve used to take down the Thrall on the plates.

toby wasn’t able to have his ultimate at the time. I get real tired of people making up excuses for what’s clearly going on.

Like characters that move super fast, you go to play them and they don’t move nearly as fast or jump nearly as high. If I could move as fast as them yes, I would be doing amazing too. People are constantly doing way more damage than they are supposed to be.

Like just now, I found an ambra that takes out CHUNKS of your health at a time and was moving lightning fast from the get go without ANY gear and yet he’s telling me it’s all from his gear. Yeah, okay.

Tobys base damage at level 1 with a fully charged shot is 203 damage. If he takes Me 'n my magnets (level 1 helix choice) he does +25% damage when shooting through his shield. If he makes a headshot that’s another x1.5 damage. And he can also take a white glove for 0 cost to get 9.8% attack power. Which would do about 418 damage per hit. If you got marked by Ambra, Reyna, etc. that’s another 16% bringing him up to 485 damage, which breaks 1400 damage in 3 hits and it’s all doable at level 1.

That doesn’t even factor equipment that might also have attack power secondaries, a damage booster such as from Reyna, multiple damage amplifiers, a legendary which might have more than 9.8% attack power, crit boosting items, the damage increase as you level up etc.