Please make a larger map

The vanilla maps are all so tiny. There is simply no room for fancy manoeuvers/carrier groups/Vagyr HyperspaceGates/ambushes/Gravity Wells along hyperspace routes…and so on. In fact, a MUCH larger map would help minimize the power of the slow, BUT POWERFUL BattleCruiser = would allow for different end game strategies.

Back in 2005-2006, I adjusted the Hyperspace Arena to increase its size. I Basically expanded it’s boundaries by about x20 and moved all locations/items by x20 as well. I then added more dust clouds, radiation fields and such to flesh it out.

It took me about 20 minutes to do! My friends and I ended up playing ALL our games on this single map!

Sure I could do it again. But I want to be able to play with strangers online (not just a small group of friends). To do that, the vanilla game needs a LARGE (at least x20 bigger than what’s available right now).

And here I think most of the maps are too big. 1v1s are best on the smaller 2v2 maps and 3 player maps.

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Hi innociv, you should try a map like the one I suggested making. It gives the game an operational level ‘feel’ that the vanilla game maps simply can’t do.

Haha no way. I think that’s up to someone else. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think large maps really fail with many game mechanics.
5 probe isn’t enough for the largest maps. I think Hiig get their own ability that’s rather OP at revealing people on large maps that gives them a larger advantage than they already have.

I think for a large map to work, it really needs objectives or something. Need skirmishes to happen instead of people sitting out and maxing their fleet.

And I don’t know, I really find the maxed fleet clashes in HW2 to be incredibly un-epic. Things like marine frigs just don’t work. Things die so fast. HW1 had way lower TTKs and support frigs were just so strong that they could get some salvage corvs through.

But if people want to play on big maps, sobeit. I just hope GBX fixes their mod support so it’s easier to get a match with a custom map going, as that’s what’s really in the way of what you want.

incredibly large maps just turn into ‘who can get their battlecruiser first’, which is no fun at all

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Innociv, do you mean PING? The HW1 races get it too.

As far as probes go, most of the time they were ignored = the probe unit cap didn’t matter. Players (or their allies) used PING or hyperspaced ‘scout frigates’/‘scout carriers’ to check out asteroids.

Often, I would put a carrier (filled with gunships) and a gravity well in between an enemy base and my base. Even if they jumped a couple of BCs towards my base, I could keep them from jumping out again (carrier is faster). If they came with Destroyers too, then I would have to run (until I’m clear of the BC gravity well generators, and jump a little ways towards my base. They would jump again, run into my carrier and repeat = I would waste a LOT of enemy RUs by screwing with their hyperspacing. It also decreased the power of battlecruisers, while making Carriers and Destroyers more important.

Of course, you can only do something like this on a big map!!!