Please make a wave clearing mode!

I would love to see a 5 players vs. AI wave clearing mode! To help the devs, you could just change the Meltdown maps so that there would respawn stronger and stronger waves of enemies. Obviously the players have to stop the enemies from reaching the end-bases.

Ps. My first post ever on the forums! Playing since the beginning and still enjoying it. Thumbs up for the devs and community! :slight_smile:


You can sort of do this now on Monuments.
I’ve coordinated with peeps several times, we had a blast.
Even with random team members just ask everyone to leave the last Sentry and don’t get Mercs.
Pretty awesome really.

I would like to see a survival/horde mode with waves of increasing difficulty. Sorta like what was represented in the original teaser trailer.


he wants battleborn’s version of digistruct peak or the underdome. I would like

something like this as well. devs, whatta ya think? :slight_smile:

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This would actually be pretty damn cool!

Is anyone else saddened / annoyed that they took the “Minions Destroyed” stat out of the Incursion match stats page?



Like a first person Tower defense mode like bloons? Idk how it’d be possible to stop playing that.


Yeah I’d love to do that. Like Halo’s old firefight mode (that they stupidly removed) or Mass Effect’s multiplayer. Give little objectives much like the ops mission side things while fighting off hordes of enemies. I guess Oscar’s Op is kinda like that already in terms of simply wave clearing.
But it would be cool to have a defense type with one or more destructible points you had to just defend from endless waves of enemies.

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In the mean time, you can use Phoebe and The Heart of Ekkunar DLC for your wave clearing fix!

Towards the end in the final room before the boss the Varelsi keep spawning in greater number if you don’t stand on the pad. This also has the benefit of being at a difficulty to suit you (based on no. of ops points) and having buildables if you want them. (Tower defence style).


That gets hella hard too.