Please make an active notice system or something

They recently just started maintenance on servers while I was in the middle of soloing a hardcore advance mode run. I wish I could’ve been notified before I started, else I shouldn’t have even started the run in the first place. Right at the mission complete screen I get an error saying match history can’t be reached. I finish the run only to have all my efforts and time wasted. No xp, items or anything. Just a waste of time.

Please find some way of notifying players mid-match that there’s a maintenance on the way. So many games do this already and I feel it’ll alleviate any future bs. Please make a notification about a maintenance far in advance; I didn’t see any notification about a maintenance before I started. not everyone uses or has a Twitter account. Thanks.

Well I agree that sucks and I think they should of let you finish it out. When I logged in 6 hours ago it told me there was going to be maintenance and exactly when it was going to be. Since then the same message has been sitting in the bottom right corner taking up about 20% of the screen.

Really?? I didn’t see it until I logged out and logged back in…

Also I’m 90% sure your efforts weren’t wasted. Eventhough it didn’t take you to the screen where you’re awarded for the mission, if you check Match History you can see that your session was indeed compensated. At least that’s how it was with me yesterday.