Please Make an Additional Chaos Rumble Mode with Unique Characters Turned On

I love everything about Chaos Rumble, except for unique characters being permanently turned off. Please make an additional mode that’s basically Chaos Rumble, but with unique turned on. I can’t think of a better way for you to make me hate Kid Ultra than to force us to listen to “I’m helping” x5000 per match ad nauseum.


Are you asking for an all mode queue with no matchmaking? I believe precedence defeats you here, unfortunately. Ofc, there’d also be talking with your enemies and no voting, but those are smaller details that would cause greater irritation

Isn’t that just quick match with global chat?


Hell even if they’d just turn on unique charcters occasionally as part of the randomness or something, Anything. I find the changes tremendously unfun and can now never have a match like we used to have because it’s Chaos Rumble or Face Off… Like… wtf.

Chaos Rumble is not permanent, it’s just here for the Kid Ultra release so that everyone gets to try him.

Oh thank god. Thanks, Iunno how I missed that. I was really worried.

So you love everything about chaos rumble except unique characters turned off? Isn’t that the only thing that makes it different


I have linked the following informational and instructive video to help explain @theavarchivist’s pain.


Had a friend quit playing PvP last night because of this. No joke. The same ult call out over and over is really wearing. :confused:


Sounds to me like you’re just asking for Quick Match. It’ll be back next week, as others have mentioned.

Chaos Rumble, as named, is a place where we allow more randomness to happen. We turn it on specifically for new character releases so that if you’ve just purchased a new character you don’t have to eat the sour grapes of someone beating you to the choice in character select.

“Rumble” is our term for a temporary Versus experience. We’re originally used “Spotlight” there, when we focused on a single map experience, but now we’re using that for PvE temporary experiences.


I don’t mind that it randomly selects a zone w/o voting and I especially like that we’re able to talk to the enemy (makes it a lot more fun and friendly having that as an option). Hearing the neverending KU audio was just very grating but now that I know it’s temporary it’'s not as big a deal.

As a battleborn veteran, I absolutely take a high interest in this game mode. Chaos rumble lets me have fun and gives me a break from the typical good team comp. A little disappointed that global chat is off, but it is understandable. I liked getting compliments such as," that alani b**** keeps bubbling me" and “wow he is good.” Some didn’t even realize that they were spilling out their plans on the mic!

I do not like how chaos rumble chooses the map for you because I would like to take advantage of the stacking(I mostly want incursion and meltdown).

Anyways yeah chaos rumble will be gone next week, unfortunately .

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