Please make BL3 Developement transparent

Hey Gearbox. Like everyone here im also a huge Fan of the Borderlands Franchise.

So my request is that u could make ur planned features (maybe not all of them) make public here and Discuss them with the comunity.
That not means that i dont trust the Devs but i think thats a great chance to make the game even better.
And its helping our community to understand where the travel goes to.

The most here understand that not every feature find a way into the game. But i really would appreciate it when we can be a “part” of the game.

P.S. I really hate the Poltic of “the game is complete secret until 1 month before Release”

Best Regards


I can’t speak for gearbox since mods don’t work for them but so far they have been pretty good. They announced they were going to make it, then they announced they were hiring for it, then they announced they were starting on it, then recently they told us they were out of pre production.

On BB @Jythri was very open about development even more than he was supposed to sometimes, but also told us when he couldn’t tell us things and why he couldn’t.

I would expect similar for BL3 or I guess assume is the better word. Since so much can change they can’t say everything but they are pretty good at sharing.

Also a point of reference with battleborn we started getting info about 2 years ago and even had our first pre alpha video footage back in september of 2014.


Plus the first beta back in October/November (can’t remember which) of last year.

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I really hope they handle the developement of BL3 similar.
I really looking forward to this game because its one of my all time favorite RPFPS

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I’ll pass it on to the BL3 team.

This is a team by team (and sometimes individual by individual) decision, but I’ve loved the community for Battleborn, and I’d hope to see BL3 interact more as well.


We need a real borderlands moba fps free to play. Only player vs player. Give us some maps from the borderlands games areas an let us play as characters and bosses from the borderlands games. You could reuse material. The evolution sistem could be like battleborn, every character would have 2 basic powers and a 3rd super power when reach level 5 in battle. The powers could be builds references from the borderlands games. The Salvador super power could be the combination grog nozzle + harold giving him heal and more damage. It could be the competitive multiplayer mode that borderlands games never had. It would be simple. And every new borderlands game would add just a few more maps and character to the borderlands moba. It would be a great and respectfull present to the fans and a simple thing to do.

No we don’t.


LOL… that ain’t gonna happen.

Im going to refer you to the part of the rules that says be constructive.

i don’t want trasparent development.

Starcraft 1 and World of Warcraft are 2 of the best games ever made in the history of the industry. The desginer, Rob Pardo is NOT TRANSPARENT at all. He is Opaque. These games were made with a vision of the future in mind that no group of “fans” could’ve understood or conceived.

please make this game behind 3 sets of stained glass windows guys. There is nothing worse than caving to “community pressures” during the formative stages of a games development.

i do not want transparent development. the people at Gearbox are absolute experts. Let them do their thing and weave their magic in privacy. Would BL1 have taken on cell shading if “the fans” had a shouting match in the forums about it? Who knows. The debate would’ve been meaningless any way. The visionaries behind the game made the right gutsy “audible at the line of scrimmage” at just the right time. ONLY THE QUARTERBACK knows his players. The fans don’t!

i don’t want trasparent development. ■■■■ the loud mouth forum know-it-alls.


Brilliant. +1

Want the game your way? Start your own company, spend your own money, make your own game. Pretty simple.



Less of the anger and sarcasm, folks, thanks.


Please don’t be transparent about your development. Just do your best.

If BL3 isn’t a kickstarter project than there is no reason to be overly transparent.

All this would do is invite the kind of people that gets offended about anything. Develop the game according to your vision and don’t let the Internet get their hands on it before it is finished.

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I liked the lead up to BL2 where they revealed areas, characters, abilities and challenges they faced while developing the game as it made the fans feel like part of the team in a way. One of the really cool thinks Microsoft has done recently is to implement a feedback system where people can suggest changes to Windows 10 and they are voted on by the community. A few features that rise to the top are addressed (most are not) but sometimes the community can really make a difference to an area that has been missed or different to how a developer decided to implement it. I am not saying they should go to such elaborate lengths with BL3 but the same concept can be met by scouring the forums for BL, BL2 and BL:TPS and identifying the really stand out issues that have held up over time that would likely make a real difference and attempt to address them in some way. Sometimes new things are not the best feature but fixing something that is really big bugbear for a lot of players can really make a significant difference.

I hope they focus on what makes players leave the game early (before finishing) and work out a strategy to keep them happy also. The more players happy, the more DLC they can sell and therefore the more DLC they can continue to make.

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