Please make Chaos Rumble an Addition, not a replacement to Quickmatch

Chaos Rumble is pointless…its nothing but a troll fest whenever and for whatever reason, Quick Match gets replaced by this garbage mode on each update and new character.

Yes it removes the unique character selection so everyone can play the new DLC character should they have it but in reality, it simply becomes a troll fest where you get multile Orendis or Kleeses or Pendles by premade troll teams on a mission to be douchebags for the length of the run of Chaos Rumble.

Just add it to the playlist options with Quick Match still there so those wanting to play classic Meltdown/Capture or even Face off can in peace.

I mean what is it, lack of screen space for an icon?

I haven’t enjoyed chaos rumble since the first one.
Everyone was chatting on mics. Teasinhg each other. But lately meh not for me

Unfortunately this would split up the playerbase too much with four different ques. The last thing we need is for people to start leaving again, because it takes too long to find a match. We can hope quick match makes a return on Monday hopefully.


I see a lot less character stacking today than i did the three days prior anyways. Like it usually does, the chaos rumble novelty seems to of already worn off and everyone is just playing it like quick match with incursion thrown in to the vote mix

Considering we got our last character, this might be our last chaos rumble.


i hope they make more characters beyond the season pass ones someday

Chaos Rumble is only out till this Thursday. Then it’s removed until further notice. Not permanently, just gone until they bring it back again for a big event or something.

I like chaos rumble because I was there on Alani release and :’) “I want to play Alani but someone picked her first so I’ll just AFK/Grief/Leave entirely”

No chaos rumble bs is as bad as that.

I’d rather people just leave or afk than pick something stupid like 3 Ernests and 2 Benedicts :confused:

Might be stupid but you can win against that. Can’t win in a 1v5…

I believe they removed that feature after the first or second Rumble?

Either way, the mode wore its welcome out for me around when Ernest came out. Fun for about a day, dull when the novelty wears off for everyone and it’s back to finding the most broken stacks we can for the rest of the duration.


Everyone talks about crazy stacks, and the only thing I see is maybe two of a character at a time. Otherwise just normal. I’ll try to rally a stack but it never happens as people each prefer their own thing

I was on a team with 4 Caldarius’s and myself as Orendi in capture. Pretty sure the other team didn’t even get to see the match with all the blinds going around…

I was against three Alani’s. Scary.

Too bad I already locked in Beatrix :beetle: (it’s okay though, three wounded heals equals a normal one)

Speaking of, anyone else feel that she’s the Anti-Alani? In many ways

Both have aquatic based attacks
Both surgically transformed
Both slow
Both supports
Both have large amounts of CC
Both have 30% damage reduction on a single target support skill

One focuses on suppressing, the other healing
One has a relationship with the Roa, the other uses their venom
One is Jennerit, the other Eldrid
One counters the other
One was born weak, the other strong
One is dorky and makes puns, the other just wants to administer all of the things to all of the enemies
There were like three other things I had in mind when I determined this idea… @Kitru, what would your thoughts on this be?

The conclusion I’ve drawn is that the purpose of this round of Chaos Rumble is to make it possible for all season pass holders to be able to play Beatrix. I remember the 1st DLC character (Alani) release, before Chaos Rumble was a thing, was a nightmare. People would rage quit constantly because they couldn’t select Alani because someone selected her before them. Chaos Rumble solves that problem nicely.

The key to Chaos Rumble is don’t take it seriously :smile_cat:. If you want serious they gave us draft mode in addition to the Chaos Rumble queue.

I like Chaos Rumble cause it means one thing: new toon!! And in my wildest dream I hope to see more 20 chaos rumbles. :blush:

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They should add it as a possible option to choose after you’re queued.